Mother's gift

5 May 2019

The time of which the glisten of your eyes shows the world a new creation of the human race, you begin to see the world in which your mother brought you into, you learn and explore the ideas of those of your peers. You perform actions you view from your parents over and over till the movements, thoughts, and values become a common purpose of your daily life till your ideological ideas make an impact on society and others.
Mothers, they are the reason for our existence on this planet, and without them we would not be. My mom Ellen has been an inspiration on my life in ways of which help me to become a better person of society. She showed me the basics and the technical parts of life that help for communication and even the understanding of modern day life. From about the day I could walk I remember my mother as a compassionate, caring, and religious woman who loved nothing more than to help our family and welcome people as if she knew them. To me, my mom gave me values that will stick with me till the day I die. The values she gave me are the basics of all human utopian dreams such as treat others as you would like to be treated, pray for those less fortunate, and study to stay smart and, mostly keep away from drugs. These values helped me through my whole life I never push people away I always welcome them in If they are willing to treat me the same because of this, I have probably a more diverse amount of friends than anyone I know. In academics my mother taught me to never skip class and excel to the best of my ability, which in assignments is easily seen the parts of academics I try to excel in. My mother did this for me because she wanted me to stay in school and get good grades to succeed in life so I could support a family of my own. My religious values get stronger every day and without my mother I would never be the church boy I am today, with this I pray daily, I help with community service, and organization of events through the entire complex of church and districts. With this I now realize I follow rules that past men and women have set down for better peace and always willing to give truth which has even set me to want the profession of an officer so that I can make the homes and streets safer for our society. Without the motivation of my mother only God Himself would know how I would have become.
At the sight of my grandmother death in the winter of 2001 my mom grew gloomy which was not only hard for her but for me, anytime I would look at my mother it would leave a pit in my stomach almost as if the sorrow was put onto me and when I would try to remember the past I would see my grandmother, and I realized she was exactly like my mother, which only broke me but it felt like I lost my mom. I take each day now as if it was the last day with my mother and the way she influenced my life in my academics, work and daily life will carry on to my successors and will in a way be like my grandmother and my mom will never be lost to time but live on and influence and inspire others to create a better life for generations to come.

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