Motion-Detecting Animal Deterrent

4 April 2015
Marketing plan for imaginary pet product. Examined in terms of target market, demand, economics, competition, objectives, advertising, projections. Includes tables.

I. Introduction
This marketing plan is for The Motion-Detecting Animal Deterrent, a new product designed to keep pets from leaving and undesired animals from entering an owner’s property. It is a fully automatic device that uses infrared sensor technology to detect heat and motion up to 35 feet away and in a 105 degree arc. When the sensor is activated, a built-in pulsating water sprinkler head sends out a three-to-four second spray of water. The device can be adjusted so the target spray area can vary from 20 to 40 feet from the device, and the spray pattern can vary from as narrow as 10 degrees to as wide as 360 degrees. Housed in sturdy ABC plastic, the device attaches to any standard-sized garden house and is secured to the ground by a zinc-plated steel spike.

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Operated by an on/off switch, it is powered by a 9-volt..

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