Motivation and Teamwork in an Organisation Ritz

3 March 2017

Introduction Motivation is a factor that enables an individual to pursue towards achieving his goals or aims. Motivation is required for every individual to be driven towards acquiring his needs. In organizations the motivational factor plays a very important role in driving people towards fulfilling the assigned task and developing oneself to gain more knowledge and enhance skills.

Motivation is a necessity of an employ and the requirement of the employee, it is more or less a give and take relation between manager and his sub-ordinates, for example, the manager assigns an employ to fulfill an important task this way he is delegating higher responsibility to the employ. In order to complete that task the employ goes out of his way to achieve the temporary goal during this course of effect he gains several other skills.

Motivation and Teamwork in an Organisation Ritz Essay Example

In the given example simultaneously two things are occurring, the development of the employ and motivation of the employ, which is attained by the satisfaction that the employ was considered worthy enough to fulfill such an important task, thus driving him to work harder and achieve skills which will eventually develop him as an individual. Team work is the effort that two or more individuals put in to an action to achieve a common goal. In organizations people come from various walks of life, they work together in order to fulfill their personal goals but these personal goals can only be achieved if the organization is doing well.

In order to accomplish the goals of the company these individuals of the organizations need to work together and come up with efficient ways to accomplish the completion of their work. It’s a general fact that every team needs to be guided by a leader; in this scenario a leader should have several traits and abilities. One of the important ability of a leader should be to motivate his team members and keep them energized at all times. 2. 1 Ritz Calrton Ritz Carlton is one amongst the oldest five star hotel chains around the globe. They are situated all over the globe.

Their services have been recognized at almost all occasions that could possibly relate to the hospitality industry. It is standing tall by receiving the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The Carlton company Maintains its firm ground by following their age old footprints. Since Carlton existed for a very long time, through the years they have learnt a lot and the basic necessities for running a hospitality setting has been put together to form their gold standards. Their gold standards fall into several steps which are as follows: The credo, motto, three steps of service, service value and The Employee promise.

The Gold standards are the base line for their every day workouts that they conduct throughout the world. The Carlton Understands clearly that their service that is provided by them to the customers is their core competency, well aware of the fact that the company employees are the people who can deliver the best and the worst hence they convey their values clearly straight from top to bottom of the hierarchy. The credo The main aim of the Carlton is to create an ambiance for the guests where they feel cared about and are paid attention to.

The Carlton promises to serve their customers with the most comfortable stay with them and unquestionable services along with lavish and never forgetting experience. The concentration over the preferences of the customers has been so much that the guests will desire to be at Carlton at every possible occasion that they receive. This shows Carlton’s immense contribution towards providing the best services to their guests and also making stringent efforts to retain them as well. The Motto The motto of the company explains the main mission of the company.

The Ritz Motto says “we are ladies and gentlemen serving Ladies and gentle men” this clearly shows that the company pays absolute respect and is very humble to their guests. Not alone the guests but it clearly shows how it equally values its employs. This equality and respect that is given to the employs makes the employ work with a free mind and motivates them to work together as a team to provide the stated atmosphere for its guests. Three steps of service These are the steps that the people at Carlton consider first and foremost.

The steps include greeting and bidding farewell to their guests with full respect and making sure that they have a good stay with Carlton. Service Values The Service values explain a lot about how the employs at Carlton conduct themselves and present themselves to stand firmly considering themselves as Carlton. Among the long list of Values that the company follows some of them are: Building strong relations with their visitors and making sure they are retained for as long as it’s possible. Providing best services for the customers, which are cherished by the visitors not as service but as memories.

Every individual in the company is aware of his responsibility, and knows what commitments he needs to fulfill in order to achieve the key success factors. The workers at Ritz are given every chance to develop and grow their skills and talent. The Ritz staff and management are proud of what they dress like and present themselves with dignity. One of the most important Values that Carlton carries is as quoted “I create a work environment of teamwork and lateral service so that the needs of our guests and each other are met. The intense hard work and dedication of the employs towards their guest can be achieved only if they are willing to do so, this willingness will only generate if they are motivated enough and their work environment helps them in flourishing while doing so. The Employee Promise The employee promise states how important their staff is to them. There are various things that Ritz considers important to do for their employs in order to satisfy them and keep them motivated towards their work. First and foremost they treat their employs with complete respect, this was observed in their motto as well.

Secondly, principles such as trust, integrity and commitment are applied. The Ritz believes in feeding their employs with knowledge and opportunity to learn so that their talent can increase and help them prosper individually as well as help the organization to prosper using the talent. Social Responsibility Ritz Carlton not only exists as a company but its presence is also felt in its social environment. It does take good care of its guests and employs but pays attention to its social environment also. The company is guided by principles such as Engage, Contribute and Inspire.

It considers the well fare of its community by motivating its employs to give back to the community. This shows us that the employs are satisfied with the kind of attention and care they get from the company only then the employs would come together towards carrying out such campaigns out of their work schedule. 2. 2 Hilton Hilton saves the third place on the world hotel group ranking (MKG Group, 2010). Hilton Group believes in welcoming its guests and making their stay with them an exceptional experience. They aim to serve their guests, team members, and owners alike.

The treatment that they give to the three main sectors of their company is remarkable. They contain 10 brands and 3750 hotels operating under them. The company has half a million staff members around the globe, still communicating and transferring their thoughts and vision to everyone setting a common mind set. The president and CEO Mr. Nassetta of Hilton emphasizes that he and his team collectively bring 120 years of experience to the brand. This and several other instances prove that he places his team along with him crediting all equally for the success of the brand.

He claims to have a good communication system with all his employs even overseas. He believes in staying in close touch with his employs and appreciating efforts makes the employs reflect the kind of expected humble behavior in the companies’ services. Vision The Vision of Hilton is “to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality”. The vision of the company enlightens their concern over the hospitality. They emphasize more on the service content of their organization. Hilton being at the top has proved throughout the year that they can adapt to the changing needs of the customer preferences. Mision

The company’s mission focuses on being the most respected and dignified hospitality service. The desire to be the first choice of all customers has driven them to the success that they have achieved today. Team members and owners have been treated alike and given equal importance for them to dwell. The preference that team members get makes them feel important and helps them to motivate themselves in order to prosper. Values The Hilton has their set of values just like Ritz does. They have derived their values out of their name where every alphabet in their name stands for a value that they are concerned about.

The values show how they categorize their priority. Hospitality Hilton immensely takes care of their guests needs and tries to predict them rather than wait for them to request for a necessity to be fulfilled. Keeping a track of their customer needs and meeting with their requirements help Hilton to satisfy their self esteem and creating visitors stay into an experience. Integrity The company believes in doing everything right and conducting themselves with the right approach towards taking the correct decision. Leadership

The company contains a mindset that it considers itself as a leader in the hospitality industry and also works towards leading in the community. They maintain their leader attitude to keep the team working along with it towards its goals and motives. Teamwork The company drives themselves to work as a team and achieving all their goals as a team. Ownership The company feeds its team with a sense of responsibility by giving every individual the ownership of their actions and deeds. Now The company values the urgency and need of their guests with full discipline. Ritz Carlton and employee interaction

Ritz Carlton believes that every individual in its organization has a lot to give to the company so it takes care of its employs to satisfy their needs and keep them motivated. They indulge in securing their rights and seek respectful returns from the employs in the form of dedication. The Ritz has been elected as the most prominent employer in Asia several times (Arthur Yeung). As reported by Mark DeCocinis, their efforts have been varying along the time once they received a positive reaction they maintained their consistency leading them to keep a steady pace in receiving positive feedback from their guests.

The people in the organization serving the company are the most important priority of the management. They tend to keep their promise to their employees and making sure that their actions are keeping uo with those promises on a daily basis. The company keeps in mind that trusting the employs can help them develop as an individual. Company tries to provide the employs with a happy working environment and maintains this every day. From the initial selection process of the company the employs are fed with the companies work culture enabling them to understand the philosophy of the company.

The previously mentioned values of Ritz Carlton are explained to the new employs by different levels of the company from HR to MD. The company emphasizes on motivating their employs, one of the main steps that they conduct are the thirty day training program, the employs are assisted by a certified trainer. The company believes in developing their staff and helping them grow helps them to maintain the motivating factor throughout the tenure of an employ with Ritz Carlton.

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