Motivational Factor at Tesco

1 January 2017

Max staff motivation management and its connection to staff loyalty. This dissertation investigates what important role staffs has in the organisation and highlights peculiarities in staff loyalty and work attitude development. The researcher believes that staff plays as an essential role in any industry therefore good staff management ensures ones commitment and input to the organisation. To find a good talent as an employee is a difficult task however to keep this talent, improve and develop is much more complicated. Nevertheless in order to sustain competitive advantage companies and particularly T.

K. Max have to concentrate on the staff management approaches it uses and be eager to improve and develop the strategy at all times. 1. 2. The Research Background: The global business environment constantly changes. It is becoming more evident today that the key element of the business environment today is its employees. Motivation has been a subject of several studies. The main researches are the following: Maslow’s hierarchy of need, Alderfer’s ERG theory, McClelland’s theory of socially required needs and Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory.

Motivational Factor at Tesco Essay Example

These theories concentrate of the benefits and importance of motivation, however researcher found it necessary for this research to consider that as it is mentioned by Vercueil, 2001 incorrectly implemented motivation management causes a harmful affect on the employees. Watt, 1998 refers to Anon saying that in the past motivation could be identifies as a way to make people want what we want and differs it from manipulation that makes individuals do what we want. However today as it mentioned by Bruce and Pepitone, 1999 modern employees are much more sophisticated and are in search for a greater satisfaction from the job they are doing.

Artificial reward or money alone are nor enough. Therefore modern organisations need to learn and understand human nature as it indicates why people in these case employees behave in a particular manner. Managers need to motivate the employee leading to a grater working performances and mainly managers have to understand their employees needs and their life organization in order to meet the employees expectations and motivate ones performance more efficiently. Staff retention is a significant element of every successful business.

It is characterized by the employees desire to sustain in the organization and continuing contribution to the business. In times of economic crisis more and more individuals have to stay at their jobs even if conditions are not favorable due to a risk of being unable to provide for a family. However more and more individuals are raising the importance of staff motivation management. Organizations today have realized that a modern employee needs to be rightly motivated and encouraged, not only money wise, to ensure staff retention.

Motivation is a force that stimulates people to perform an action. Therefore motivation is a force which compel people go to their work every day and that is why people bring improvement in themselves to satisfy the desire of becoming or accomplishing what they have set out to become or accomplish in their life. More over with motivation any complicated situation can be converted into a simple and learning experience. In his research Watt, 2003 also states that managers must understand that individuals want to be treated fairly and have equal opportunities to advance.

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