Motives to Eat at Home

7 July 2017

Motives to Eat at Home A majority of Americans spend their money eating out at restaurants rather than eating at home. We find eating out to be convenient and easy to fit into our schedules. Although eating out may be convenient and suitable for our busy schedules, it is costly and unhealthy. Fast food is extremely high in fat, calories, salts, and sugars leading to the obesity rate in America. Statistics show that Americans eat out about three to four times a week spending nearly $110 billion a year.

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Motives to Eat at Home
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With the recent hike in gas prices, Americans are being forced to use more of their disposable income. The use of disposable income on gas leaves less money for eating out and other luxuries. Therefore, it makes sense to cook and eat at home since it is cheaper and it is healthier. Eating and cooking at home is cheaper than going out to eat. The money a consumer spends at a restaurant on one meal could be spent at the grocery store to make multiple meals. For example: consumer A and consumer B are both given $20.

Consumer A will use his $20 to purchase groceries to be prepared at home and consumer B will use his $20 to eat at a restaurant. Consumer A purchased eggs, Hess, cereal, a quart of milk, hamburger helper, cookies, a pack of hamburger, hotdogs, bologna, five packs of Cool-Aid, and a small pack of sugar. Consumer B went to Applause’s with his spouse and ordered the 2 for $20 meal. Customer A has purchased enough food to eat for about four or five days. Consumer B has only purchased enough to satisfy their hunger for that moment, since they have no left oversees.

To clarify, consumer A has purchased enough food to have multiple meals a day and for days to come whereas consumer B has only had one meal worth the amount of what consumer A has purchased. The price of gas is another supportive reason why it is cheaper to eat at home rather that eating out. For example: one individual drives a mile to purchase a meal that will only satisfy his hunger for the time being, and another individual drives a mile to the grocery store to pick up multiple things that can be cooked during the week.

Individual two will have to drive another mile sometime during the week to get something to eat whereas individual one has everything he needs at home to prepare his meal. In general, individual two has used more gas than individual one. Therefore eating at home saves money and as that can be used on other living expenditures. Cooking and eating at home is healthier than eating out. When cooking at home one has control on what goes in the food. Restaurants, however, do not make aware to customers how food is prepared.

Preparing food with unclean cooking utensils and unwashed hands promotes greater hazards and health problems. Health problems can also result from food that is left out for long periods of time. Certain foods that contain dairy products and certain meats must be kept refrigerated. Diseases such as Complementariness, Escherichia, Salmonella’s, Tularemia, and Horniness are all sissies that result from the contamination of meat mainly from bacteria.

In sum, when cooking food at home, one is mindful of the status of the food and how well it is Although fast food is convenient and maybe tastes, Americans would be healthier if they were conscious of the nutrition facts and conditions of the foods served in fast food restaurants. Money spent eating out will go further when buying food to be cooked at home instead of using gas to consume unhealthy and costly meals. All in all, when food is cooked at home all aspects are examined and is prepared to the liking of the individual.

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