Motor Learning and Coaching Notes

12 December 2016

The study of relativity permanent changes in motor skills and capabilities that come with practice or experience. This includes: •Investigating how elite athletes become experts •Studying the best way for a teacher or coach to structure a practice environment for maximal potential •Methods of practicing motor skills oHow often oHow long oGroup size oEquipment What is a Skill? A complex movement or sequence of movements, which are smooth and coordinated. These movements don’t require conscious thought and have predetermined results.

A learned skill is one that can be repeated. A performance may be a fluke and is only performed once. Motor Skill: physical skills that require body movement and rely on motor control Classification of a Skill: Based on: Where- the environment of the skill Closed: •predictable, constant environment •Work at own pace- internally paced •Replication/ repetition of same skill •Examples: swimming in a pool, archery, shooting Open: •Changing environment •Pace dependant on other people/ factors

Detecting stimuli Deciding Processing Acting Responding appropriately Evaluating Feedback Cues •A stimulus perception •In learning used to obtain information to perform and improve •Used in the demonstration and explaination of a skill by a coach •Can be both internal and external •Sight, hearing, and propreoceptive cues are most used

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