Motor Parts Corporation

8 August 2016

Every company has people who represent them as a president and vice president. These positions are very important, well paid, some privileges but also have a lot of responsibilities. Motor Parts Corporation is not the exception in regards the organizational structure in where the President Bob Marvin and the Vice president Al Shepherd are the principal characters in this case. There are a lot of important issues to be point in this case as well as many decisions to be taken. As a first, the main issue that is provoking all this problems is the illness of Ruth, Al’s wife who had recurrence of a malignant brain tumor.

It is very understandable and remarkable that Al wants to support his wife in this situation; however, his desperation to help his wife is consuming his time provoking that he forgets about other responsibilities. As a Vice president of a company, he has the obligation to project to his employees a good example to follow and he is doing the opposite. There is not an excuse that Al at the last minute pretends to cancel a meeting schedule long time ago, where everyone had to put aside the time to attend.

Motor Parts Corporation Essay Example

Now, he can not leave the meeting just saying he has to go taking advantage of his position, and assuming that Bob (the president) can assume full responsibility of a big project. Also, how if possible meetings have to be scheduled based on his availability (personal issues) and then cancel as if nothing wrong happened? This behavior clearly demonstrates a lack of seriousness to his work and employees. Second, the lack of commitment in Al’s job is now reflecting. Many employees are complaining that it is impossible to work around Al because he is not concentrating in what he is doing.

This is showing lack of seriousness, bad performance, wrong behavior and a bad example to the company. For instances, in the case is mentioned that many people started arising their own problems when they heard that Bob cannot attend the meeting because his wife illness. Do you imagine that all those employees do not go to work because they have personal problems as an excuse? How Bob can punish their employees when he has not done with the Vice president? Third, based on the case Al is considered as one of the softest guys that Bob have known.

It is ridiculous that people take excuses such as few inches of snow, infection ear, or maybe a light flu to avoid go to work and beside that to be absent for a week! This is definitively a lack of respect to others in the company. How Al expects someday to have Bob position when he is showing to everybody his incompetence. What al is going to do if he loses his job? Maybe he can find a similar job but he will have the same problems and behavior that have in this company, and they will not have the same consideration that Bob has had with him.

Fourth, there is a big issue among the president and the vice president because there is understandable why Bob do not call the attention of Al. It is clear to me that Al is responsible of his wrong behavior but there is also another responsible of Al performance and that is Bob because he did not have the courage to say what he really thinks. If Al is not performing well in his job or even worse he is delegating his job to others, and this is obviously affecting the progress of the company; Al was supposed to be sanctioned long time ago.

Now, it is true that Al has a noble and exhausting function with his wife but he has forget the importance of his position because no one has say anything. He believed he is doing well and he will continue doing the same until someone put the correct things in place. Fifth, Al is supposed to work in the office not a home. It is understandable that sometimes (two to four times in a year) someone needs to work at home but in the case of Al is different. First at all, he is the vice president of the company and his presence it is absolutely need it.

Also, his work is not being view and Bob is thinking that Al is not working as he said he does. For instances, the case mentioned that someone who work for Al achieved an account for the company valued in $15,000. This could be seen like Al has been working a lot on this project and had a good team work; however, the person who acquires the account for the company informed Bob that Al was not present in the moment that he had to support this business. Al was visiting his mom who is sick too.

On the other hand, Al is not a bad employee at all. Bob recognizes that no one has done better in the company that Al during the last eight years and the proof is that he has reach a higher position and is one of the best paid executive. In my understanding, problems can be solved if Al and Bob have a better communication regards of functions. Al needs to understand that he is not working in the street where he can lose his job and find a similar and have the same behavior of irresponsibility.

He needs to be aware that his behavior can caused the loss of his job and this will bring more problems to him. As mentioned before, communication, recommendations and decisions needs to be made to fix Al behavior. Maybe one of the recommendations to be placed could be the possibility to have an annual leave. In this way, Al might dedicate and concentrate his time in his wife. If this decision was made, he will allow someone else to pay attention and dedication to the company’s business which needs to continue growing.

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