Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

8 August 2019

Welcome to the Moulin Rouge! This soundtrack to therecent movie of the same name is jam-packed with beautiful, movingmusic.

This amazing album features the chart-topping single, “LadyMarmalade” by Pink, Mya, Christina Aguliera and Lil’ Kim, and includes 13other soulful songs.

The soundtrack also features the beautiful voices ofNicole Kidman and Ewan MacGregor from the movie. Kidman shines in her solo,”One Day I’ll Fly Away,” which is a powerful piece of creative artwork.They also perform the unusual “Elephant Love Medley,” which recyclesthe talents of songwriters Jack Nitzche, David Bowie, Dolly Parton, Elton John,John Lennon and Phil Collins. It’s a track that you’ll love because all yourfavorite classics are mixed together to make one unbelievable lovesong.

The soundtrack has something for almost everyone. If you like dancemusic, “Rhythm of the Night,” “Because We Can” and”Nature Boy” are for you. If you enjoy the classics, listen to”Sparkling Diamonds,” Nicole Kidman’s re-make of the “Diamonds Area Girl’s Best Friend” idea.

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Truth, beauty, freedom and love; all areon this fantastic album. If the movie is as good as the CD, it must be onedelightful film.

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