Mount Ridge Engineering System

8 August 2016

According to the facts presented in the case, the Plant Superintendent Larry Braxton, was managing day­to­day operations of the Edison plant, which was one of the first five plants built by Mount Ridge Engineering Systems. This plant is located in Eastern Nova Scotia and has 45 employees working for it. All of the employees worked under Larry Braxton, who he had authority over and he had to only report to the manager of the plant and operations. On the other hand, The Vice President of Human Resources was Joyce newcombe.

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Her responsibility was to forecast the number of employees that would be needed by the organization and to make sure that the demands were met by the right amount of supply and the right type who would be fit for the jobs and qualified enough. Moving on to the absenteeism and termination policy, the VP of HR, Joyce Newcombe was the one who had formed this policy when the company first started, which stated that if an employee is absent and does not mention this to his or her supervisor, he may be terminated.

This was one of the many other policies created by her. The people responsible to make sure these policies were properly followed were the superintendents who worked more closely with the plants staff. Adapted from Nkomo, Fottler, Mcaffee & McQuarrie. (2007, pg 3­9) The HR managers only have staff authority which means that they’re only allowed to advise the superintendents on what needs to be done, whereas the superintendents have line authority which means that they can make direct decisions for the staff. Occasionally the HR managers will be given functional.

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