Move To This

9 September 2019

Once the lead singer in the British pop group D Mob, Cathy Dennis’s debut solo album, “Move to This,” has almost completely overshadowed her work with her former band. D Mob never had any noteworthy crossover success between British pop charts and American top 40 radio, but Dennis, on her own, has already managed four top 20 hits in America. Cathy Dennis is no great singer; she has a fragile voice with limited range, and her songwriting (she wrote or co-wrote almost all ten songs on the album) is laughable. If you’re looking for lyrical depth, don’t buy this LP , pop music can’t get much shallower. But if you’re looking for dance music with an infectious, giddy feel to it, then this album is perfect. Critically speaking, there is nothing exceptional about this LP, but a few of the songs are lightheartedly enjoyable. “Tell Me” is, perhaps, the most appealing ballad offered, as opposed to the choppy, poorly-sung “Too Many Walls,” where Dennis seems to search for every note. “All Night Long (Touch Me)” is by far the most popular dance track from the album, but “Taste My Love” is without question the most tasteless dance tune to come along in years. Cathy opens this song with, “Love had me searching through a menu of men…” Lyrics like this might ruin the careers of such notable pop stars as Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston, but Cathy Dennis somehow gets away with it. In fact, her album has already sold more than three million copies worldwide, and her status as a pop diva keeps rising. Now that Dennis has commercialized herself to the point of self-sufficiency, let’s hope she can afford to make future musical endeavors more creative and perhaps more memorable. n

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