Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera

6 June 2019

My oh my, honestly how could I not review about this song; it’s everywhere! I have to say, this song is a pretty big sellout because they’re trying to cash in on the whole Jagger thing, since Jagger is apparently cool and popular and his name is used in a-lot of pop songs now-a-days. Yet the only reason Jagger became popular again is because his name rhymes with “swagger”, It’s a bit odd once you get right down to it because, in most cases, to become popular again you have to have a comeback song or die. But really, a pick-up song about dancing like Jagger, that sounds like a stupid idea, but to my surprise it did well on the charts. A big problem with this song is Jagger doesn’t dance like how they dance in the music video, and if your a Rolling Stones fan you should know that Jagger wasn’t really that good of a dancer and trying to pick up anyone by saying you dance like Jagger seems a bit silly, but I guess it’s better then moves like Sean Kingston or moves like Ke$ha. But the premise doesn’t matter that much Metallica proved you can sing about anything and still sound good with their song “enter sandman” so that’s not that important. Let me just say that the lyrics must have been written by someone falling down the stairs with how clunky they are. Like even just the beginning of the song has very disconnected lyrics like, “Then aim for my heart, if you feel like, and take me away, and make it okay”. It sounds like he’s having a hard time getting his point across or something. The chorus is also weird like “Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you”. Um… no comment. Again, Metallica, so is it sung well? Well the problem I’ve always had with Adam Levine, Maroon 5’s main singer, Is his incredibly unnatural voice, I mean holy walking tree car he sounds like he could be a frigging vocaloid, don’t believe me just listen to some of his songs like “this love” or “misery”. Now overall in this song his voice isn’t that bad but it still goes to that unnatural sound in the chorus. What about Christina Aguilera’s part in this? She also has a weird lyrics and her singing is average and there is not that much to talk about, except for that weird secret thing she keeps bringing up in her lyrics which serves no purpose to the song. But singing isn’t important when the music is what matters, right? Well to be honest the background beat is actually pretty good and fits the whole disco style thing so I can’t hate it that much since I do like disco, and I guess the music video itself isn’t that bad, but I still wonder if Adam and Christine were in the same room together. Overall I give this song a 3 out of 5, to wrap it up It’s not bad it’s just really shallow, Adam’s voice is still unnatural, I still hate Christina Aguilera and hope her career fails and she gets forgotten. Also in my opinion Adam and Christine’s relationship is like the relationship between a lamp and the floor.

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