Movie response

1 January 2018

There is one significant leader that mirrors the same passive actions as Robinson is Mr..

Martin Luther King Jar. Along with having an impact on the activist, Robinson was able to open to door for African-American athletes, not just in baseball but in all sports. Robinson not only proved his race was capable of competing, but was able to change the stigma and Stereotypes that African-Americans faced. Another area that would see the influence of Robinson, and that was shown in the movie, was he role of sports journalist named Wendell Smith.Although the movie might have stretched the relationship of Robinson and Smith, there is no denying the impact they had on each other. Smith was tasked with not only covering Robinson but finding him places to stay, as well as to help protect him. Robinson on the other hand did more than give Smith something to write about, but to help open the pathway for African-Americans to join other fields, even sports journalism Jackie Robinson did more than change the name of baseball.

Movie response Essay Example

He was able to curb stereotypes with humility, change the way people see those of a darker complexion, and begin to open the door for African-Americans to belong in any occupation. He was able to use the platform of being a professional athlete to help shed light on the atrocious treatment and inequality people of color were forced to face.

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