Movie Review to Save a Life Essay Sample

8 August 2017

To Salvage a Life is a narrative that I feel could transform lives if viewed by teens. Since I foremost watched this I have shown to my kids and my young person group and can candidly state that it impacted at least two. The film is about Jake Taylor. a senior at Pacific High School. Jake is the typical high school athlete that has it all popular friends. a beautiful girlfriend and is be aftering on go toing college on a hoops scholarship. He parties with the most popular and everyone looks up to him. He is at times even referred to as “everyone’s hero” . However Jake was non ready for what was acquiring ready to go on in his life. He had been friends with a immature adult male. Roger when they were childs but due to society and the outlooks of the hoops star and how he was suppose to move and who he was suppose to hang with they had grown apart. Roger had saved Jake’s life when they were younger and was injured doing him to walk with a hitch. He was non an jock and merely blended in with the remainder of the school. While Jake seemed to hold it all Roger had nil. no friends and was ever being made merriment of and he felt that he had no hope.

In forepart of Jake. Roger comes to school one twenty-four hours and pulls a gun. Jake tries to halt Roger but it is no good he shoots himself in forepart of Jake. For hebdomads to follow Jake can non halt believing about Roger and if there had been something that he could hold done to halt him from killing himself. Jake Begins to look for replies and finds them in a relationship with God. Jakes full life alterations after this. he begins organizing new relationships and stoping 1s that are non good for him. He stops partying and recognize how shoal his life truly was. Jake realizes that the hurting and emptiness that Roger had experienced and realized that it was besides experienced by so many others at his school. Jake begins making out to the castaway. over looking some of the societal barriers that he one time would non traverse. By making this Jake saved at least one life but unluckily this cost him the life that he was usage to. This film explores that journey that teens face with their picks. In the film it addresses suicide. adolescent gestation. divorce. peer force per unit area and substance maltreatment every bit good as intimidation. I truly bask this film because even though it has many jobs that teens face on a day-to-day footing that their lone hope is found in a relationship with God. which is non ever the most popular pick for a high school pupil and can do jobs besides.

However. in John 16:33 ( NIV ) : we are reminded that “In this universe you will hold problem. But take bosom! I have overcome the universe. ” After reading the assigned reading this hebdomad I could see a batch of the theories in this film. One illustration would be the sensation-seeking theoretical account and the job behaviour theory. Both of these properties to striplings taking hazard that could be harmful to themselves such as Jake’s imbibing. unprotected sex. and partying ( Jaffe. 1998. pg. 139 ) . Even thought Jake had began doing alterations in his life he still returned to one concluding party because as a hoops star and the fellow of a cheerleader that was what was expected of him. Merely to recognize that this was non the life he wanted to populate. Adolescents feel that they are non traveling to be harmed by these behaviours and have the attitude “it is non traveling to go on to me” . nevertheless in To Salvage a Life it did go on to Jake his girlfriend ended up acquiring pregnant and his hereafter he had all planned out changed.

In the film Roger and Jake had been neighbours and best friends up until their first-year twelvemonth. Jake matured early. was tall. handsome and athletic and was accepted by his equals at school where Roger appeared to be a late maturing male child who still looked immature. still short. and compact. The dark that Jake chose non to travel with Roger was one dark after a hoops game and Roger had planned on traveling to his house with Jake and playing picture games and eating pizza. but Jake was invited to travel to a party with the “in” crowd. He foremost tried to include Roger but his friends told him he could non come. This was the beginning of the terminal of this friendly relationship. The film showed Roger’s tests and his battles in flashbacks and even showed him making out for aid at the same Church that Jake finally turned to. Roger felt that no one understood him that he had no other option but to kill himself that twenty-four hours. He felt that no 1 cared he even said when Jake pleaded with him non to make it “why make you care? ” .

This is an illustration of what David Elkin stated that “adolescents believe that their motivations and life experience are alone or so unusual that no 1 could perchance understand or appreciate what they go through” ( Jaffe. 1998. pg. 137 ) . If Roger could hold trusted person or believed that person could understand him so possibly he could hold had another option than taking his ain life. This is a job with a batch of teens ; they feel that no 1 knows what they are traveling through and that no 1 else has of all time been through. It is so existent to them and so large about and impossible state of affairs but what everyone demand to retrieve is in Matthew 19:26 “Jesus looked at them and said. “With adult male this is impossible. but with God all things are possible. ” Puberty had a large function in Jake and his girlfriend Amy relationship they were sexually active and did non ever use protection which resulted in Amy acquiring pregnant. Harmonizing to Jaffe. “parents and instructors should stress to adolescents their sensed costs of risk-taking behaviour “ ( pg. 140 ) .

The determination doing theoretical account looks at this through low hazard striplings every bit good as high hazard striplings. Unfortunately in this film both sets of parents were covering with their ain personal jobs to see the jobs their kids were confronting. Jake had to turn up existent fast and made some life altering determination about himself. Amy and the babe. Once Jake got past badgering about what others thought of him and past egoism he was able to do good determinations and aid others. He was able to look beyond what others would state or how was his actions was traveling to impact him.

There is one clip in the film when he realized that his pa has been holding an matter on his female parent that he had a set back but with God’s counsel he was able to do good determination in his life. which resulted in him being able to salvage a life. I would urge this film to anyone that has a adolescent or is involved in any work covering with the young person. It deals with difficult subjects like self-destruction. adolescent gestation. abortion. divorce. intoxicant and drug maltreatment. peer force per unit area and how determinations you make can impact others lives. It is about strong-arming and how our words and actions can do so much injury to others merely for our benefit. This film besides shows how with God’s grace that we can alter the manner we live. they manner that we view others every bit good as dainty them.


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