Movie Soul Food

1 January 2017

Extra Credit 1 Soul Food was a movie that my family loved to watch. It in several ways reminded me of my own family. Just like in their family, the type of food known as “soul food” was a huge aspect of our family. It was a time to get together, laugh, have fun and most of all enjoy each other’s company. In the movie the sisters Bird, Terri and Maxine shared a unique bond. Throughout all of the fights their love for one another was genuine.

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The center of the movie “Big Mama” reminded me much like my own grandmother. She kept the family grounded and the drama to a minimum like my grandmother did in real life. In the movie, she was truly the center of the family. Every Sunday she made sure there was Sunday dinner and that all the family would be there to eat. Big Mama even opened her arms to family members that have not been seen for a while. Sunday dinners consisted of a term commonly heard about among African Americans, “soul food. The family had fried chicken, black eyed peas, cornbread, cabbage, sweet potatoes, collard greens, peach cobbler and much more. When Big Mama began to get sick it really tore there family apart for a while. Fights and arguments began over who will get what and whether they would sell Big Mama’s house or not. Selling the house meant putting Big Mama’s brother, Uncle Pete in a nursing home, which Big Mama never wanted. Terri insisted on trying to sell the house.

Once Big Mama died the family was heartbroken and filled with frustration. It took Maxine’s 12 year old son Ahmad to try to bring the family back to pieces. He lied to everyone telling them different stories to get everyone to the house together. He had them bring different dishes of food to try and make Sunday dinner like it once was. When everyone arrived they all figured out it was just Ahmad trying to put the family back together like Big Mama always wanted it. They ended up not selling the house and being back as one.

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