Movies: Film and Cinema

2 February 2017

Nowadays, mass media has brought a wide range of choices for people to enjoy, such as classic movie or films, which are phenomena of cinema industry. Some people argue that watching movies at the cinema is the best choice in order to enjoy all types of movies, while many other contend that home is an extremely option as well. However, watching movie at home is preferable than watching movies at the cinema or Cineplex. There are some distinct similarities and differences between watching movies at home and watching movies at cinema or Cineplex.First of all, there are some differences about these two ideas. When one is watching movies at home, he/she can take a break anytime he/she wants.

However, it was different with the cinema. In the cinema, the movie is shown without any break. Secondly, at home when one is watching a movie, he can control the volume as he likes, but this cannot be done in the cinema.

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Movies: Film and Cinema
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Also, one will save a great deal of money and time because he/she do not have to buy a ticket or extra service and you can still enjoy the movie without having to travel anywhere.It is also far better to watch a movie at home than cinema or Cineplex, especially now when it is easy to get the dvd of the film within a year of it appearing in the cinema. Futhermore, one has a designated seat in the cinema, and he cannot sit somewhere else. While at home, one can sit anywhere he prefers to.

Since the cinema is a public place, one should not be making major noises while other are concentrating in the movie. In the comfort of one’s home, silence is not really required.The fact that one can choose his/her time is important. Instead of trying to get a time off of work or going without his/her supper inbetween work and the cinema trip, you can decide to start the film anytime he/she wants. In conclusion, watching movies at home is preferable than watching movies at cinema or Cineplex as one can have his/her own break, own seat, control the volume as he/she likes at anytime without any obstruction.

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