Mr. Sun

6 June 2016

Energy saving at Tumalet Software
As the phenomenon of global warming is getting worse, the government is spending much more time and vigor on energy saving. As a result of that, electricity and gas prices are increasing substantially. In order to maintain our successful business and good reputation in the long run, we have to find new ways to reduce our energy costs and minimize the impact of increasing bill prices on our operation. There are three main suggestions that I have made based on some researches and findings. Firstly, we can encourage staff to work from home; secondly, we may plant some grass on the roof; thirdly, we could contribute more money to carbon-offset projects.

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Based on the findings of our researching team, 27 percent of energy consumption in our office building is heating; cooling and office equipment are both holding 25 percent; 17 percent of it is lighting and the rests are ventilation and cookin. It is obviously that we have spent most of our money on electricity and gas for heating, cooling, office equipment and lighting. If we could encourage our staff work from home, our electricity and gas spending would be reduced since less people are using energy at their offices. As cooling and heating are the most energy consuming activities, we shall plant grass on our roof to build up our own natural insulation.

Moreover, it is found that US Green Business Council gobble up over one-third of energy produced in the US, and account for 38 percent of all carbon-dioxide emissions and 30 percent of the energy consumed in office buildings is wasted1. These figures remind us that our company may have the same problem too. Not just consider our company profits, we should also think of the earth. If we keep abusing energy, human beings will definitely lose the right to live on the earth one day. In other words, we are killing our children.

According to ‘California utility expands rebates’, Pacific Gas & Electric is expanding a program that provides financial incentives for companies to cut their energy use2. This is a good opportunity for us to save energy costs. During the past five years, our company has spent half million dollars in energy projects and which have saved us $600,0003. The total return on
investment of contributing to those projects is 120 per cent. It is therefore highly recommended in our future operation. Contributing to energy projects not only can save us money, but also can help building our eco-friendly reputation which will benefit our company in the long run.

According to the above, abuse of energy is a significant contrast with the current environment. Stop wasting and start saving is the most important task now. Not only because of saving money, but also we have to protect the entire environment. As 96 percent of the energy is used in cooling, heating, equipment and lighting, and 30 percent of them are probably wasted, we should cut our energy costs as much as possible. By doing that, our company profit will be increased by less bill payments and contributing to energy projects can provide us financial incentives. In the long run, our company Tumalet Software might be known as an eco-friendly company and our good reputation image will bring us more benefits than we can think of.

Following are some recommendations:
a) Enabling staff to work from home.
Department managers can have a meeting together to make up a timetable for those staffs who are not necessarily working in the office. However, managers are entitled to make video calls to them to make sure if they are working properly. As less people will be using the office building, we may consider rent out few levels to save some money. In this way, energy costs are reduced and rent payment can be received. b) Planting grass and other plants on the roof.

If our building roof is covered by grass or other plants, the roof will act as natural insulation and keep the building warm and thus heating bills can be reduced. Higher level managers can pick up a date of every month and arrange a department to maintain the roof plants. Staffs may imperceptibly perceive that they have the responsibility to save energy and protect the environment. c) Contributing money to carbon-offset projects.

Carbon-offset projects are various. For example, we can arrange work buses to pick up staffs from different suburbs instead of providing them petrol refund. Providing petrol refund is not much difference from that our company is consuming the equal amount of petrol and thus emission of carbon-dioxide produced. We can also organize Company Planting Day twice a year to encourage staffs plating more trees and other plants. Staffs may get to know more about the current environment as well as getting lots of fun.

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