Ms Math Curriculum

5 May 2018

Mathematics) program requires (1) a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning, (2) completion of Advanced Calculus (beyond the usual undergraduate calculus series), Abstract Algebra (introduction to groups, rings, fields, etc. ) and Linear Algebra, Matrices and Complex Analysis and (3) satisfaction of additional University requirements such as a health clearance and other special admission requirements that may be imposed by theGraduate Committee such as the passing of an examination in the basic concepts of algebra and analysis and/or fluency in English. A student who has not previously taken up all the courses listed above but whose record, in the opinion of the Graduate Committee of the Math Department, shows some promise is required to make up for the deficiency before formal admission into the M. S. (Mathematics) Program. Usually this means having to enroll in and pass some of our undergraduate math courses.

Students with deficiencies must allow an extra semester to the length of their anticipated stay in the M.

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