Msu-Iit Students in Their Boarding Houses Essay Sample

9 September 2017

I. Background of the Study

A embarkation house is a house in which boarders rent one or more suites for one or more darks. and sometimes for drawn-out periods of hebdomads. months. and old ages. They have the same intent as modern “bed and breakfast” constitutions.

Presents. embarkation houses are one of the of import beginnings of low-cost adjustments. They are one of the least dearly-won signifiers of transitional adjustment and has a turning demand due to the turning lodging demands. particularly for pupils. In Tibanga. Iligan City. most of the embarkation houses are occupied by pupils enrolled in MSU- IIT. However. there are certain factors that boarders must see in taking one. These factors may be in demand to be explored that may/may non act upon the pupils stay in their embarkation houses.

In this survey. the research workers aim to mensurate the pupils satisfaction on their embarkation houses harmonizing to the classs given. Besides. the relationship between the pupils satisfaction and figure of months stayed by the pupils and place other jobs encountered by the pupils during their stay. By making this. it can assist the landlord/landlady to cognize their strengths and place the countries for betterment and for the pupil to hold a more convenient topographic point for him/her to remain.

II. Aims

1. To place the demographic profiles of the pupils.
2. To mensurate the satisfaction rates of the pupils in their Housing houses harmonizing to the undermentioned classs:
a. Security
B. Facilities
c. Sanitation
d. Rental Ratess
e. Management
3. To find other jobs encountered during their stay in the housing houses.
4. To find the relationship between the student’s satisfaction rates and the figure of months stayed in their embarkation houses.

III. Scope and Limitation

This survey is limited merely to pupils who are populating in a embarkation house and analyzing in MSU-IIT. IV. Significance of the Study

To pupils. This survey can assist them to take a good embarkation house to populate in.

To Boarding House Owners. This survey can assist them to place their strengths and place their countries of betterment. By this survey. they will hold a better direction and have a better embarkation house.

To future research worker. The proposed survey will benefits and assist the hereafter research worker as their usher. The survey can besides open in development of this survey.

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