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2 February 2017

The first song that was played on MTV was called “Video killed the Radio Star”. It was sung by a group called The Buggles. This was a very popular song all over and it was deemed a good choice for the first song broadcasted.

Many people also believed that the meaning of the song was that MTV, the new music video broadcasting station was going to destroy the radio. Some people thought that the song was performed live, but it was just a video. MTV was quite a big hit by the 1990’s. It was viewed in over 50 million American homes. It became a target for all advertisers because of the number of young viewers that watched MTV.The kids would beg their parents to buy the products they saw on the advertisements and it made out to be a good investment for advertisers. The attention and money that the advertisers brought in was good for MTV because they got more offers to get commercial time which means more money for them.

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Some people that were on MTV when it was in its first few years were Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Cranberries, and Nirvana. They helped to kind of kick off the show and set it up for successful years to come. There are also some big-named people who probably played music from that MTV which helped to jump start their career.Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Peter Gabriel, U2, and Duran Duran were some of the people that were all a part of MTV at one time. In a way, these people also helped MTV to get a good start too. The more big names that they brought in the more attention they got from viewers. This was good for the singers and MTV.

The target audience that MTV chose was teens age 12 to 21. With this age group, they found that they got very good viewing rates. Artists whose songs were played on MTV found that the sales of their song increased.This is what gave advertisers the idea that they could do good business if they had an ad on MTV. With this targeted audience, they also found that their viewing rates continued to rise. Today they still target the same audience and they are still very successful in the way that they draw the audience. There have been a few changes in MTV since the start.

They released a new logo after 30 years. It is not much different. It is just a little bit bigger and it is one color. The last was a mix between a few colors. The old one was designed by Frank Olinsky and it was a very big hit, but it was just time for a change.In 1986, the President and CEO, Robert Pittman left. There is no exact explanation why but he did.

Over time, they started to show more reality shows than anything else. Some people liked the change to more reality shows but some people like the old school music videos all the time. There were some companies and investors that made it possible for MTV to even start. Warner Communications and American Express were big investors that helped in the starting of the show. Warner Amex was basically the main establisher and owner for about five years after the start.Then, in 1986, Viacom purchased MTV from Warner Amex. Now Viacom is the owner with all rights to MTV.

There are other networks that MTV and Viacom own. They own VH1 that was released in 1985 and its purpose was to play adult contemporary. Then, in 1996, MTV2 was released to allow fans to see commercial free music videos. MTV (the original) became available in Manhattan and Los Angeles. Many people called this the second launch of MTV. They also own all Nickelodeon stations, Comedy Central, and CMT. This is not all; it is just a few that you may know.

Although MTV has been very popular, it has also had a few controversial shows that some fans did not agree with. “Beavis and Butthead” was very controversial because some viewers felt that it was pointless and that the language was a bad influence for some of the younger audience that watched it. “Celebrity Deathmatch” was a part of this list because it made fun of the celebrities and it had bad language and violence. “16 and Pregnant” was another show that some people did not like because it could encourage some of the younger viewers to engage in sexual intercourse which is the problem with the people on the show.It is meant to deter kids from ending up like that but it only encourages some. “Jersey Shore” was the last show that people did not agree with. They believe that the people on the show are irresponsible and kids these days may think it’s cool and try to be like them.

Over the years, MTV has had an impact on our generation, but also on our parents’ generation. A lot of younger teens’ parents that are around (14) grow up watching MTV. It is not the same now as it was then because of the popularity in different kinds of music over the years and they are now showing more reality shows.MTV also has an effect on its viewers. Most people that have ever seen MTV are probably hooked on it and they like to watch it. Also, the persuasion by friends to tell other friends to watch it because it is ‘cool’; and you aren’t if you don’t watch it. MTV has been very important over its years in various ways.

It has brought a whole new way to experience music. Before MTV, you could only hear music over the radio, but when MTV aired, it played music videos, which was a whole new element to music over all.They have also helped lots of artists to grow and become more popular with just a few minutes of air time. This gas truly helped many people become more popular. With music videos, many people became more persuaded into buying the song even though they may not like the song. Even if they really like the video, they would still buy it because of the video and they weren’t paying attention to the song. It is very smart on the part of the broadcasters because they could just draw in an audience with an exciting video and you would think nothing of the song, just the video.

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