Mtv Unplugged In Ny

8 August 2019

So many thoughts ran through my mind when I heard that Geffen Records was releasing Nirvana’s “unplugged” performance. Perhaps they were trying to capitalize on frontman Kurt Cobain’s death. After hearing the album, however, all doubt was put to rest. I was overwhelmingly impressed with not only the songs but also the actual sound quality.

The diversity of the group was illustrated with all they performed. Kurt played lead guitar and sang, Kris Noveselic played both the bass and guitar, and Dave Grohl played drums and bass. An added extra was the performance of three Meat Puppets songs when that band joined Nirvana on stage. “Oh Me” was previously unreleased and the emotion that Kurt sang it with was beautiful. Another added song was “Something in the Way.” These two songs alone make the album worth buying.

Various other covers include songs by The Vaselines, David Bowie and the Led Bellies.

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In my opinion, I think that this album is filled with some really wonderful songs and is definitely worth owning. .

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