Muay Thai

1 January 2017

Muay Thai is originally come from Thailand. It is form of kickboxing but Muay Thai employs techniques with the hands, feet, elbows, and knees extensively. Muay Thai is popular in many parts of the world these days. People involves in Muay Thai usually to test their self confidence, speed, strength and self defense. Reveal the Topic -Today, I am going to share on the basic training of Muay Thai. Establish Credibility Currently, I trained with Muay Thai Club in Shah Alam. I started training on age of 18. On 2009 while doing my diploma, I joined ‘Muay Thai Competition, in Maran, Pahang and I won the first place.

Preview of Body Speech The 3 basic training of Muay Thai is built up physical strength, use of punching bag and sparring. Body 1 Build up physical strength -First of all, trainees must play rope jumping around 15minutes to 30 minutes to warm up. For the purpose maintaining stamina, he/she need to jogging 5km to 10km per day. This also can control weight to make sure trainees in their weight class. For example weight class is 56kg to 60kg, so the trainees must around this weight. For fit physical body, trainees must weight-lifted to get muscular. It brings a psychological to opponent.

Muay Thai Essay Example

For me, advantages on physical structure boost my confident. 2 Punching bag -When play with the punching bag, trainees must imagine the punching bag as a opponent. They need have a certain level of strength, conditioning, and skill to punches, kicks, knees and elbow strike the punching bag. Punch combination, speed, timing, punching defense, counter-punching. They need learn about angle to attack and strength. 3 Sparring – Trainees probably looking forward to get in the ring, but before to get in the ring they must have an experience sparring to know the situation in the ring.

Usually the instructor asks him to wearing the thick pads which cover the forearms and hands. This pads are used to absorbs the impact of the fighter’s strike and allow to react to the attacks. Sparring is to test technique, skills, range, strategy and timing against partner Conclusion Everything you do have a risks,also muay thai but these risks only apply to fighters who are lazy in their moves or who are just not very well trained. If you follow all your lessons to the letter and keep in good shape, the risks don’t really become a factor.

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