Much to Ado About Nothing In this delightful comedy a number of Shakespeares best loved themes are shown, you have confusion, between lovers, the battle of the sexes and the restoration of love and marriage. It also features two of Shakespeare’s most formidable lovers: Benedick and Beatrice. These two characters spend the majority of time bickering and then as in most romantic comedies they fall in love in the final acts. Many of the characters in the play have a lot of plot and sub plots going on in their lives.

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The ajority of the plot in Much Ado About Nothing revolves around the character Hero and Claudio, but Shakespeares dramatic sympathies remain very clear. Benedick and Beatrice are ever the center of attention. they get the most stage time, as well as the majority of the best lines. With their gentle bickering, they hope to expose the frailities not only of their opponent, but also of his or her entire gender. Shakespeare also creates the first example of the romantic generic convention of the two romantic leads that love to hate each other.

They are essentialy tricked into loving each other. This is only possible because that love already resides in their hearts. I believe they use thier mutual animosity to cover their tru feelings. In the end Shakespeare affirms the power of romantic love and In particular, the possible fruitfulness of marriage over the dominion of death. Love and only love has the ability to overcome all the problems and difficulities that life provides. The play Is one of Shakespeares most serious comedies, and also one of the most human. I really enjoyed It.

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