Muet Sample

10 October 2016

Which of the following is the most important factor that can affect the reputation of a family? i)Behaviour of family members ii)Income levels of family members iii)Educational levels of family members iv)Occupations of family members  The public has been advised that the consumption of water should be reduced. Where can you save water most? i)At home ii)In schools iii)In public places iv)In restaurant For any teamwork to succeed,it is most important to choose agood team leader. What are the qualities that you would look for in choosing a good leader? )Well-liked and well-respected ii)Knowledgeable and competent iii)Patient and rational iv)Fair and open-minded 4) The increasing price of foodstuff affects everyone. Suggest how you can save money spent on foodstuff. Which is the following is most effective in saving money spent on foodstuff. i)Eating more home-cooked food ii)Buying only the foodstuff that you need iii)Growing fruits and vegetables iv)Not wasting food (BOOKLET 5) Malaysians should be proud of the fact that various groups can live together in peace and harmony because of our generally tolerant nature.

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How can this be improved? To which group of people should we know our greatest tolerance? i)People of different cultures ii)People from different age groups iii)People with dfferent habits iv)People who are disabled.There has been a lot of discussions on what should be done to young people who break the law. Suggest what action should be taken. Which of the following is the most effective way to reform young people who have broken the law? i)Send to jail ii)Send to rehabilitation centres iii)Made to do social work for a number of hours iv)Place under the guidance of mentors. Lifespan and health conditions have improved tremendously. As a result,many people who retire in their fifties are still fit and alert. Suggest options available for people of this age group.

Discuss which of the following will most benefit retired people. i)To be re-employed ii)To start a small business iii)To do social work iv)To learn something new .It has been said that young people in Malaysia today are considered lucky. Why it this so? Whis of the following has helped young Malaysians today the most? i)They grew in a time of peace and prosperity i)They have easy access to more information iii)The government has provided better facilities for sports and recreation. iv)The education system has offered them more opportunities . Malaysian food manufacturers would like to sell more of their products overseas. Suggest what they can do. Which is the most effective way of increasing sales of Malaysian food products overseas? i)Improve the packaging of the products ii)Maintain high standard of quality iii)Promote the product internationally iv)Make the products easily available overseas. To develop responsibility is very important in life.

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