Mule killers BY 53 Mule Killers Lydia People’s story Mule Killers is a story about unrequited love and its consequences and the change from child to adult – Growing up and entering a world of adulthood and of progress you experience both positive and negative things. In this short story we meet three generations of a family; the grandfather, the father and the son – as well as the different women In the story. The story takes place on a farm, a garden, on the countryside near Nashville in the Southeast of united States.

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The father is telling his son the story about how he met his mother, so therefore most f the story works as a flashback of the father’s youth. This takes place in the time where the industrial revolution was arriving to the agriculture, and the author problematical this progress, which you can already read by the title Mule killers. Though the story, you get an impression of an isolated society where the church is central and people has got quiet and ordinary lives while they work hard to make a living from their farms.

The religiosity of the town becomes very clear when the grandfather tells his son that there’s only one right thing to do her – abortion Is to a choice and of course they have to marry when the girls Is pregnant. The story Is told In present time by the son as a first person narrator, but almost everything In the story Is a flashback of the father’s story about his youth, therefore the mall character is the father. The text is a frame story because of the way it has been composed. Lydia People uses the flashback to give the reader a better understanding of the past.

The story is constructed in parts; you get introduced to the lives of the father and the grandfather with no introduction of what has happened before, and then, the story umps to the end in the present, without letting the reader know what has happened in between and what will probably happen afterthe story ends – Our protagonist is therefore the boys father. The story that’s told is mainly about how the 18-year-old father, whoso struggled with his life and growing up In a small town.

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In the beginning of the text his feeling are described “trying hard to keep certain thingsstuffed deep Inside his chest: things like fear, sadness, and uncertainty. He expects to outgrow all of these things very soon, and In the meantime, he works hard to keep them hidden. ” He thinks that if he just denies these feelings long enough, they will disappear, and this shows us that his own feelings are strange to him, and that he thinks of his father as how a real man is supposed to be, since he never breaks down either – or do he?

That meaner that the father is a role model for his motherless son. The late night when the father sees the grandfather crying, he thinks it’s because of the dead mules from the accident. But in the ending of the story, he realizes that his father wasn’t crying because of the dead mules, but because of the situation his son was placed in. Let is only much later, picking asparagus in the ghost of a garden, that he will admit who his father had really been crying for: for his son, and for his son. That meaner that the grandfather did not cry because of the dead mules, but because the father had got a son with a girl, he didn’t like and wasn’t In love with. He cried also because his whole worldview was breaking down. In the times they live In, It was not normal to get pregnant with a person that you doesn’t love. Therefore he became to make a choice, and therefore big changes in his life, which also affects how his future will operate. Each memory has its own section, in that way it is easier for the reader to make sense in the story.

This seems like a deliberate act by the author, such as we get into his father’s thoughts and then we as readers can feel empathy and sympathy for the main character – giving the reader the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the situation, and perhaps better understand his choices. It becomes very clear that the story does not take place in the present because it today would have been normal to marry one, even though you have a child with another.

At this present time there was only one right thing to do – feelings was not iris priority. You will have to make some choices in your life which can have consequences for the rest of your life. But how will your surroundings act, that is the god question. It’s tough when you break with the norms and do something odd. It’s not sure that your surroundings will agree with your changes, Just like in Mule Killers.

Therefore it’s important to remember that everything we do will have some kind of consequences for us later in our life. The ending on the short story is a description of the garden which is really a symbol of the father’s heart. It seems that he by time actually started to appreciate the Onion-girl but he did not ever love her truly. Nothing has grown in the garden since she died, meaning he has not had a new love, which indicates that he only wants to move on if it could be with Eula.

He has always been confused in his heart; the garden is described as a wilderness Just like his feelings. He has really tried to forget Eula and make a good living with the girl he married, but even though he has probably not talked to her for years, the feelings for her still show every single year and it will never stop: This is told through the asparagus that will keep on growing forever; until the day the father passes away.

Most people would say that love is a concept which will always be a mystery to man, because it is so changeable, and therefore it will always be able to fool and distort man’s thoughts. Love can both be happy and miserable, and this makes it very powerful and therefore able to control the entire behavior of a person. Throughout a lifetime people will unavoidably experience things that will have a certain impact on the individual’s personality as well as further development. These experiences will often become memories that will follow them their entire life.

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