Multicultural Education

4 April 2015
A discussion of the standard curriculum in American schools which does not address the needs of nor reflect the diversity of the vast majority of students.

This paper begins by describing to what extent America is a multicultural society and shows how this is clearly reflected in its student population. It then examines the standard American school curriculum and claims that even though America claims to be a melting pot of society, it still needs to cater for the diverse ethnicities that live within its borders. The writer shows how this diversity is not reflected in the curriculum at all.
“What exactly does multicultural education mean? What is the scope of such a broad topic? One definition states multicultural education is: ?The education philosophy and methodology aiming to replace a dominant cultural paradigm in the classroom with a multiplicity of views reflecting the students’ cultural backgrounds.? James A. Banks writes: Rather than excluding Western civilization from the curriculum, multiculturalists want a more truthful, complex, and diverse version of the West taught in the schools. They want the curriculum to describe the way in which African, Asian, and indigenous cultures have influenced and interacted with Western civilization. In its purest form, a multicultural education should account for and accommodate all the many peoples who have made America the great nation it is today.”

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