Multiple discrimination and gender equality

1 January 2018

Anti-discrimination practice aim is to stabilize harmful effects of discrimination on children and young people to take actions against the discrimination in all ways. We shouldn’t be taken in in any kind of activities that could be realized as discriminatory or potentially insulting to individuals and in groups. The school must have the policies that give us the supervision on anti-discriminatory practice.important that we should examine our own attitude, values, and behavior. Our behaviour, attitude have impact while we are working with the children. It can affect in positive and negative ways.

It is important to identify the person’s background and experiences which also have an impact on the development of individuals or group. For example, if we are looking about the learning of the children cultures and background, skills and interests and specific need of the child and young people this will help us to provide us more active, appropriate support as it will give us variety of information of different cultures. We will be able to talk in a suitable way. We will also be able to know about their care and the things they are involved in.Our behavior has a negative impact on the children. In my setting, there is a child who has always some issues with the other children. If he/she is working together they are not sharing pencils and rubber with others and have a dispute with other children while they are standing in a queue.

Multiple discrimination and gender equality Essay Example

If they are complaining to me about the other children of misbehaving. I should not be angry with them and should realize them that I feel happy when I am helping them and make sure that they are safe and happy.It is important that children should pass positive messages and information to the peers and their significance in the world to develop them the strong sense of self-respect. We should give respect to others values and beliefs. We should also make sure that we should help the extra needs children . We should help them by keeping ourselves in boundaries . We should give sometimes to handle their things by themselves.

It is important to reflect on the methods in which our training can be influenced by the belief values and behavior and make sure we should give real and skilled support to the children and young people

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