Multiple Sclerosis: Not Everyone Who Falls Down is a Klutz

4 April 2015
This paper gives an overview of the symptoms and causes of multiple sclerosis. It includes illustrations of myelin sheathe damage, author’s personal experiences with MS, and in-depth descriptions of three drugs commonly used to treat MS.

This is a concise paper explaining the symptoms of MS as well as the difficulty involved with diagnosing the disease. It explains the cases for some accepted potential causes and also examines the different types of MS. The three drugs used most commonly to treat MS – Avonex, Copaxone, and Beta-Seron – are compared and contrasted, and the pros and cons are duly noted. Paper written by an MS sufferer who also details her own experiences with the disease.
In normal human beings, the immune system will spot and attack threats to the human body, like viruses or harmful bacteria. In a person with MS, the immune system sees myelin as one of these threats. Immune system cells come into the central nervous system and start attacking the myelin sheath, creating an autoimmune response – when the human body attacks itself.

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On these demyelinated areas, lesions known as plaque develop. The plaques eventually turn into scar tissue, sclerosis, in many different locations, which is where the name multiple sclerosis comes from. Thus, people with MS are more or less walking around with scars on their nerves.

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