4 April 2017

Day in, Day out we all start our day doing more than one thing at a time. The morning starts with ironing our clothes while we listen to the news, delegating tasks to our family members to get our day going in what we call a productive manner, or better yet, “killing two birds with one stone. ” We are all guilty of some form of multi-tasking. The article written by Alina Tugend gives an outlook on the art of multi-tasking and the effects. Reading the article the author wants us to think about how often we are multi-tasking without being aware of it.

She wants us to think about the effects this has on our daily activities. Recognizing that multi-tasking is not doing more than one thing productively, but shifting focus which may not be beneficial to us. How hard it is to return to the task at hand, it delays our attention to detail causing us to be less productive.

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Multitasking can be a distraction causing injury and harm mentally and physically. The information given in the essay is to be used to identify a problem that we as an audience are unaware of. The article gives information to be considered, with supportive information following.

She wants us to use the information to make changes to our daily activities. The intended audience is everyone, anyone guilty of utilizing more than one body function at a time to produce a greater outcome as a result. The author made the assumption that we are all guilty of multi-tasking. That today’s society can only operate while doing several things, that we are all unaware of it as being a problem. Trying to multitask will affect everyone the same. The author has identified various things we do on a daily basis and combined them with what individuals are able to put together, ex: walking and texting.

She has drawn her opinion on a large number of people not specific to one race, gender, or age group. Everyone has been included is this unconscious event, what some consider to be a skill mastered. Politics does play a factor in the development of this essay; the author believes that the audience knew how often we were multi-tasking and that we believe it’s not a problem, but that it helps us to be more efficient and productive. The author is guilty in this case of utilizing the multi-tasking trait herself and is able to empathize with the audience.

The author presents a stance towards the end of the article that acknowledges her own mishap of checking her email while writing the article. Direct connection to the purpose of the article is identified the writer doesn’t feel it’s beneficial to multitask. The writer has a positive attitude to the topic and supports the fact that multi-tasking can make you lose focus. The stance is openly stated, but as you read through the article from that point on you can hear what the author is saying about their perspective on multi-tasking.

In conclusion the article was very informative; it brought to light what we fail to see as a problem. She offers several perspectives from different studies. It does show that multi-tasking will make you lose focus. Interruptions are apart of multitasking, you have to shift you focus from what your doing to what’s trying to get your attention. After several interruptions you lose focus and are unable to get right back on task causing you to be stressed and frustrated, not beneficial factors in multi-tasking.

The author has convinced me that multi-tasking is an issue that a lot of us can relate to. It has become a norm to our society and has come to be accepted as part of our daily routine, if you can’t multitask then you may fall behind. In reality multitasking is what’s really causing the delay. It can cause harm to you and your well being, if we just take the time to sit and concentrate on one thing at a time, single-tasking can be beneficial to our health and relationships as well.

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