2 February 2017

What are some different views on multitasking and digitalized media? – What were some ways the South Korean education and health systems are trying to combat Internet and gaming addictions while instilling internet values? Do you agree or disagree with these methods? – How about the US schools? Did you agree or disagree with the use of technology in middle and high schools? – In the latter half of the documentary, they explore media multitasking on a social level.

We see gamers conventions, online dating and marriages, and delve into virtual reality. How do you feel about this new phenomenon? Do you think relationships that begin and are sustained online can matter as much as traditional relationships? Do you think this is healthy? – Lastly look at your own live, academically, professionally, and personally. Would you consider yourself someone who is multitasker? If so, has it enriched your life, made you more stressed? Consider ways you can limit your tech and internet use and lower your multitasking

Digitalized media era is considered as a revolution in such a way it have changed human behavior and lifestyle; while multitasking is a very old fact if we return back to primitive years, before the social division of labor the human should hunt and cultivate to be feed, build his own cabin, sew his clothes and other activities. As a result human development led us to more and more necessities and habits (watching movies, playing, shopping, traveling, reading and also social, political and economical interests).

Human needs progress constantly and inventions too, it is thus that digitalized media appeared to guide and facilitate our human being and behavior. Nevertheless multitasking and digitalized media became a very bad cocktail, because as much as digitalized media is powerful and competent our multitask sense become excessive. In fact technological distractions prevent us to do not be bored due to the numerous things that Internet, smartphones and many other technological utilities may offer.

A wave of information about people, history, hobbies, goods and communications; Such as a planet easily accessible, a compression of the world, a 3rd dimension. As everything in life, multitasking and digitalized media have their advantages and conveniences. Multitasking allows us to do many things at the same time and it allow us to have a better management on our lives but it makes stressful and less focused. Brain results by using technology affect us, humans suffer of an addiction to games, network, cell phones… and it is very hard to be detached to this new way of human being.

Digitalized media had a very bad impact on the majority of South Korean’s teenagers; the time spent by using technology is very marking especially in uninteresting things such as games and social medias. South Korean’s study less and give more importance to games which shrink our capacity to think; more over doctors consider the phenomenon as an addiction. Thus South Korean’s government is trying to make people aware about digital dependence dangers with the implementation of addiction’s center care and also the learning of a moderated technology uses and in the right way.

This methods concern young students too, they go online once they learn reading and writing, it is a very interesting approach because it psychologically guide the next generation to use technology as a normal and ordinary habit by learning Internet ethics. The US schools consider Internet as an new educational tool, nevertheless students lack of focus during the class. Actually students have a problem of writing skills due to the internet distractions and multitasking by getting bored.

But in an ecological view digitalized education decrease paper expanses. Social media is a virtual world, it makes to a disconnection with the real and natural life; but it is a useful (moyen) for people that have no time or some difficulties for a new meeting, some websites have a social meetings in function of your personal critere research; for example place to meet one potential guy in one week, you save your time by meeting more guys in less time.

There is also some people that suffer of a lack in trusting in their selves, social media play an important role by helping them to have more confidence and meeting a similar mankind. Social media is not safe because it is not a filtrated environment and people are different but it is a criteria of our human being. I personally had a very great online meeting and this relation is memorable to me, social media can be the object of the beginning of a relation.

But real relations are much better because feelings and sensations are stronger, generally people start by knowing each other and after meeting for real, it is not a bad thing at all it is a new era. Sometimes multitasking bother me, when you are busy and someone is calling you, answering became an obligation, (c’est etouffant) The digital and multitasking mixture private us from our freedom and destabilize our focusing and human being. I use technology frequently but only to satisfy what my head order me and what is good for me.

Thus in a positive view multitasking allow me to do instantly everything I want without any difficulty, maybe it is a very stressful thing but there is advantages and conveniences in everything, multitasking make me always moving and acting. And even if my ambitions depassent my power and capacity; if the willingness of being a politician, a philosophe, a business woman, a designer by hobbies, and a charity actress; yes I am a passionate multitasker.

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