2 February 2017

My view of Mark Zupan is that he is cocky, aggressive but a fun person to be around with . His aggressive behaviour can be shown through anger which can be directed towards the people that he loves and cares about. His personality overall is that he is friendly but he’s not open emotionally or too involved with his own feelings where others may see it as a weakness. His personal life consists of friends from Quad Rugby, who are all supportive, his family and his girl friend whom he met after his accident. She has great affection for him and both are happy together.I have gain respect from Zupan view of not being weak but as a strong minded person.

My views for Joe Soares is entirely different to that of Mark Zupan . On the end of the spectrum, Joe Soares is a loving , caring and funny person to be with. He has great knowledge about the importance of street smarts and who he should hang around with. He is a happily married man who has a son named Robert. Joe is addicted to Quad Rugby much like a drug and very competitive. He used to play for America but because he didn’t make the team, he instead became the coach for Team Canada .His personal life consists of his friends, his fellow team mates from Team Canada and his family.

Murderball Essay Example

Even though he is tough on his team, he is also a compassionate coach. I have been positioned as Soares as entirely respectable man to follow as not having a weak heart but a strong man to overcome his problems. The film techniques used in the documentary focused on the two main characters Mark and Joe about how their lives have changed being quadriplegic . There are only minimal characters s in the documentary as the director wanted to focus solely on Mark and Joe’s story.I feel as if I responded to the characters in sympathetic way. They are still able to continue on with life although a little differently. The film shot uses framing, sound track, lighting and close up on Mark Zupan leg which has a tattoo, this may show us a devil may care attitude and could symbolise his removal from being a ‘quadriplegic’ .

And the sound track being dull as though the director wants to show us in the beginning scene that if you’re living a quadriplegic lifestyle it is very grey and boring.Joe Soares archive footage has also been included in the documentary which displays his achievements in Quad Rugby . The lighting shows the medals and trophies he won. The sound track starts to change as we see his achievements go pass. The framing shows scenes of Mark Zupan and Joe Soares life as being busy and worth while living . The director shows Mark and Joe times that they have experienced throughout their quadriplegic life. They express their emotion which shows us how they feel about their condition and how they live their life .

It has positioned me to feel that Joe and Mark are not progressing in life but as my views changed. Their life as a quadriplegic are not as bad as I thought it would be. My overall impression is that lifes for a quadriplegic can be tough and stressful at times . As reality kicks in , a quadriplegic has to deal with the fact of never walking again and not being able to do normal stuff that a person would do in their daily life. After watching the documentary, I really admire quadriplegics because of their courage and strength to continue on with their lives, no matter how difficult it may be .They should have the same respect as everybody else. My conclusion about the documentary “Murder ball” the life without the use of their legs.

I find their story courageous and inspirational . Their experiences are therefore different compared to other people. Mark Zupan and Joe Soares went from rock bottom to being uplifted due to their willingness to change. This shows me their determination and strength to live on . Mark and Joe have now adapted to the changes in their bodies and have now moved onto the phase of their lives.

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