Museum of Modern Art

11 November 2016

The museum was founded in 1929 by three public citizens, Lillie P. Bliss, Mary Quinn Sullivan and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. The works in the museum collection date from the 1880s to the present day and include many icons of modern and contemporary art. From an initial gift of eight prints and one drawing, the permanent collection has grown to encompass more than 100,000 works in a variety of mediums.

The museum is initially located in Manhattan at 53rd street. The Modern Art Museum is truly a place of surprise. Being that it was my first time attending such a variety, I was first amazed by the hundreds of people that were there of all ages and societies. Then I was even more struck at how everyone was filled with a distinct love and passion for the arts, as smiles and camera flashes illuminated every floor at MoMA. Aside from these truths, all of the different paintings, drawings, photographs, and their creative nature was also in itself truly amazing, even on second floor; they hang the helicopter on the air.

Museum of Modern Art Essay Example

It might seem like miss match to art museum, but in MoMA, it is acceptable. I believe MoMA has art work that had curiosity. In somewhere or somehow we’ve been see those materials that they use, and most of them are seems like have simple structure. Therefore, it gives close feeling that anyone can enjoy art, even if doesn’t know about art, but in MoMA, I believe everyone can find their favorite art work. Barbara Kruger is a conceptual artist and her pictures have been displayed in galleries or public. Kruger has created installations of video, film, audio and projection as well.

Her work focuses on consistently about the kindnesses and brutalities of social life: about how we are to one another. Her graphic work is mainly black and white photographs with overlaid captions set in white on a red poster. The phrases that she uses in her work are declarative. Therefore, she makes common use of pronouns such as; “you”, “your”, “I”, “we”, and “they”. The combination of imagery and text containing criticism of sexism and the circulation of power within cultures is a recurring pattern in Kruger’s work. Kruger’s piece, ‘I shop therefore I am’, focuses on the world as a consumer culture.

For some people, shopping has turned into a lifestyle consuming at our leisure. Some feel that, the power of consumption is stopping us from finding true and sincere happiness; and that shopping often works as a substitute for something that we’re missing in life. Consumer culture has a strong power over the people. The focus is about what we buy and what we choose to invest in, the world we live in will be the result of these choices. I feel that this is the message that Barbara Kruger was trying to portray through her art.

Every time I visit MoMA I do so from slightly older eyes. It’s interesting to note the pieces that I always love, the ones I lose interest in and the ones I see differently having since learned different things. Knowledge of an artist’s life can provide a new level of appreciation for his or her work while understanding of a time period can tell subtle commentaries within a piece. MoMA continues to impress me with its unique array of exhibitions and again its lovely permanent collection. I look forward to what it will offer next.

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