Have you ever noticed how on busses and metros there are many people listening to music? This is because many people like music and also because their bored. In this article I will try to persuade you to listen to more music or listen to different types of music. Music is important in many people’s lives.

A person listening to music on the bus.
Music was created about 4,000 years ago in the prehistoric times. The music created in the prehistoric times was either folk, indigenous, or traditional music. Now there are way more types of music. Now there is rock, hip-hop, pop, techno, country, and much more. That is one reason why I want you to listen to music more music.
The first type of music player.
If you don’t believe then read this interview with Robert Fakeman about him and music.
E:”Robert what do you think about music?”
R:”Well Edwin, I think that music is a lifestyle. And also an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.”

E:”What do you think about people listening to music more?”
R:”I think more people should listen to it more.”
E:”Do you think music is under appreciated?”
R:”No, of course not. I just think not enough people listen to it.”
E:”Thank you for your time Robert.”
R:”Thank you for having me Edwin.”
That was my discussion with Robert Fakeman about music. That discussion made me learn more. It made me learn that someone thinks that someone thinks that not enough people listen to music. That is also another reason why I think more people should listen to music more.
Music can be very meaningful to people. If there was any mood you were feeling there is bound to be a song relating to that mood. That is also another reason to listen to music more. That is a reason why I listen to music a lot. Whenever I am happy I would listen any type of music except for depressing songs. Whenever I am down I try to listen to songs that are up and jumpy.
“Music can be interactive to people. The person can actually feel as if they were actually there with the artist is singing it.” Says Christian Ventura (my little brother) Music can be very powerful to people.
That is why I think you, the reader, should listen to more types of music or if not, just listen to more of the same music you already listen to.

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