4 April 2018

The result of this decision turned people to the television, MET in particular. M TV was just about commercial free at the time, which attracted listeners.

Music videos revived an industry that was in decline in 1979. This hip new show became an instant sensation across the world. Although, it was mostly viewed in the United States, a majority of the videos that were played were from the United Kingdom (Epstein 1 1). A large reason for the number of videos coming UT of the UK was that the expense of producing the music videos for Mats virtual monopoly was just too much for most American artist of that time.Prince was among the top 3 Rock/Pop artists of the ass. He was just below Michael Jackson. Prince was born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, MN.

His real name was actually Prince Rogers Nelson. He is the proud owner of ten platinum records. This is not a shock when you look at his ratings.

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Growing up, Prince was interested in music at a very young age. He wrote his first song at the age of seven. Not many artists were writing songs at the age of seven o Prince was definitely one of the most unique artists of his time and for artists to come.Prince didn’t begin to attract mainstream artists until he released his single, 1999.

This album was the album that would make Prince a part of mainstream music media. “l would have to say that I started listening to Prince when I was about 18 years old in 1982. My favorite song was ‘uneven Doves Cry” and my favorite album of Prince’s is “1 999” (Shelton). Soon to come, in 1984, Prince and his new band, The Revolution, would release their profound masterpiece. This album is called “Purple Rain.Some people did were not too fond of this album because of the sexually explicit material that was on the album. It spoke of ideas of masturbating and listeners were stunned at what they were listening to.

Although, he ended up releasing two more albums shortly after that were similar in the amount of mature material. The album “Purple Rain” was featured in a movie that also had that name. The movie was a complete bomb in the box office and barely made any money whatsoever. After he released a few more albums, Prince started his career as a solo artist.During his solo career, Prince released three more albums. He then started his ass decade career by starting another band. Like Prince, AC/DC was also in the Rock industry.

Parents around the world did not feel comfortable with their children listening to the music of AC/DC. This new heavy metal band came into the rock game off to a not so good start. In 1980 the lead singer and co-songwriter, Bon Scott died and was then replaced by a new singer that went by the name of Brian Johnson. Just after the new lead singer was accepted into the band, their hit album “Back InBlack” was released in 1980. “My first AC/DC concert was when I was 16 years old and it was here in Indianapolis, IN at the Market Square Arena, but it is not there anymore (Shelton). ” “My favorite song would have to say is “Hells Bells” (Shelton). ” AC/DC had so many hit songs and albums coming out of the sass.

Even today you can still walk into a department store and see AC/DC merchandise on the shelves that sell just as well as they did when AC/DC first became popular. This was not a hard band to get into at all. Their music was mongo some of the best in the Rock industry during the sass.Lastly, but most definitely not least, is Michael Jackson. Probably one of the most influential artists of the sass and from that time on was one of the most popular Pop artists of all time. Everyone always went crazy about Michael Jackson. Ever since his release of his hit album “Thrilled’, Michael Jackson has been the “King of Pop” in the music industry.

Although, One Of his best-known songs of all time, “Billy Jean”, took the hearts of millions. “My favorite song was definitely “Thrilled’, except for the video, that was just repay at the age that I was at when it first debuted” (Shelton).

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