3 March 2018

This theme is such a popular one, because everyone experiences love sometime in there life and everyone can relate in some way.

What is disco? What are the characteristics of this music? -Disco is the mixing “soaring” vocals with a beat that encouraged dancing. The music often had 100 to 130 beats per minute (a relatively fast tempo) and the pulse of the rhythm was often emphasized. What was the British Invasion? Which famous group was a part of this movement? What impact did the group have on pop music? The British Invasion was when Some of the British bands of the time were modeled on the successful American bands, particularly in the areas of producing recordings and touring to promote the recordings. In the sass, some of these British groups became influential in North America as well. The Beetles were the famous group that was a part of this movement. The impact that the group had on pop music was, that they became the centerpiece of pop music through the next several decades.What is a boy band? What are some characteristics of a boy band? -A boy band is, a group of three and six young adult males who typically sang, but did not play instruments.

Some chastisers of a boy band are, almost all aspects of the group’s image were carefully controlled, from their dress to even the stereotypes that the group members fit into, such as the “bad boy,” the “baby,” and the “nice boy. ” Performances by the boy bands often featured highly choreographed dance routines.

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