3 March 2018

Disco is mixing soaring vocals with a beat that encouraged dancing, disco became the dance music of the decade.

Disco can be best characterized as music that often had 100 to 30 beats per minute and the pulse Of the rhythm was Often emphasized. 4. British Invasion was when British bands of the time were modeled on the successful American bands, mostly in the areas of producing and recordings and touring to promote the recordings.The Beetles were a part of this movement, they had a big impact on Pop music because the sang about social issues and they also had songs with catchy lyrics and melodies. 5. A “boy band” feature between three and six young adult males who typically sang, but did not play instruments. Some characteristics of a bad boy were that there had to be a bad boy, a baby, and a nice boy.

Critical thinking Questions: 1 . Yes think that music still can be used to protest, like there is music to protest world hunger, and to protest wars and many other things. . Yes I think that music has become to much commercialese because know there is advertisements everywhere for you to listen to a certain songs or artist. Yes do think 90% of the artist is producing music because of money in today’s music industry, music is becoming a well paid business and that’s why everyone wants to be in the music industry. 3. Technology has impacted pop music because it shaped music during the sass.Three technological hanged that impacted and shaped pop music today or in the past has been the musical instruments such as, the synthesizer and drum machines, computers also helped shape up music, some musicians were also able to create a wider range of sounds much more easily than they had been able to in the past.

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