Music annd Sports college essay

4 April 2019

I have excelled in both Music and Athletics since I was five years old. Both of these activities have been part of my daily and weekly routines for the last 12 years. I am extremely passionate about both of them and thankful that I have been able continue both throughout high school.
One day when I was five years old, my father and I were riding our bikes and we passed the Old Town School of Folk Music. There were signs for youth violin lessons and my father asked me if I wanted to play the violin. I later switched to the viola and continued taking weekly lessons, spent five summers at Interlochen Arts Camp, and become a member of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. For me, making music is an outlet that allows me to take my mind off of everything else and lets me express myself in a more abstract way. Through music camp and other ensembles I have also met some of my greatest friends, and had the chance to perform beautiful works with amazing people.

A few weeks ago when I was being honored as Captain of the Whitney Young Varsity Football team at the homecoming pep rally in the gym at my school, it struck me that I was in the same room where my athletic career had begun 12 years ago, with Pee Wee Basketball. I played basketball, baseball, and football throughout grade school and high school. Athletics, especially team sports, have been hugely important to me. Hardly a day or a week, and never a whole season, has gone by without my participating in some team sport. Being a part of all of these teams has given my high school life structure, uniformity, and many great friendships. Working hard to succeed in athletic competition, and competing so often, have given me habits of effort and focusing on success that carry over into everything I do.

Music annd Sports college essay Essay Example

Music and athletics have their obvious differences, but their similarities are the things I enjoy most about them. They both involve teamwork and camaraderie which allow me to be a leader. I have been a leader in both athletics and music as captain of the football team and co-principal of the CYSO viola section. Both music and athletics require large amounts of preparation, sustained over time. I have learned to appreciate the process involved in reaching my goals, whether it is learning a new piece on the viola or preparing for my next football game. I am comfortable with routines of preparation revolving around music and sports. Furthermore routine preparation carries over into my school work and keeps me on task.

Music and athletics shape who I am. They drive my daily and weekly routine and allow me to express myself. I am grateful that I have been blessed with enough talent and perseverance to give my time to both music and athletics, and to continue to excel in both.

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