Music Appreciation

1 January 2018

This was my first time In the McCrae hall theater, the organ is a very nice Dalton to the hall the gold leaf was a perfect choice. The general attire of the audience was casual among the younger attendees where the older attendees were more formal where I wore kaki cargos and a black French cuffed shirt. There were a lot of ties stock button ups was the main shirt worn, very few informal outfits that evening.

The age range of the audience was possibly around age 15 to age 80 give or take a few years, most of the people who showed up were college students though the rest was made p, of about 16 or so, elderly couples.My favorite piece played was the Sonata no. 21 in C major, POP. 53, “Wallabies” the tempo was a perfect speed for my tastes the energy and Intensity from the pianist furthered the of the piece.

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The BPML of the piece was a medium though parts of it was faster In parts. Overall the piece was very smooth Like a crushed velvet smooth to the touch and Is pleasing to the senses. The lower end of the audio spectrum of the Plano tickled my fancy because I enjoy Industrial and techno music so bass along tit the lower end of the spectrum are pleasing to me.

My least favorite song was polonaise in f-sharp Minor, POP. 44 the tempo was k to me personally I feel that the piece could have been played faster and it will would have sounded a smidgen nicer. The transitions of the tempo were very smooth though I feel that Chopping work is good, it Just isn’t my cup of tea. Overall how the piece was executed was perfect just how it sounded off to me, like there could have been more added to the piece I possibly would have enjoyed it more In a full orchestra setting tit the full sound of the double bass and the highs of the violins.I would rate the concert as satisfactory because I’m a bigger fan of Beethoven and Bach I would recommend this pianist to any of my friends who are fans of the classics. All the songs that were played were beautify done, though, I do prefer a full orchestra verses a soloist on a piano. This preference is to be blamed on my parents when I did piano lessons my instructor was intimidating to me so that childhood scaring is part of my reasoning.

I enjoy the full sound of an orchestra blazing a trail of perfect notes. By ChamferThis was my first time in the McCrae hall theater, the organ is a very nice addition tempo was a perfect speed for my tastes the energy and intensity from the pianist was faster in parts. Overall the piece was very smooth like a crushed velvet smooth to the touch and is pleasing to the senses.

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