What surprised you? Use specific examples. In the music business unit, I learned about the various careers involved in the record industry, such as: the producer, song writer, artist, A&R, and record executive. The producer is the middle man between the artist and record company and is the one to call all the shots. The A&R is the one to find the potential artists (usually on youtube). Then there’s the record executive to oversee the finances of the project, and of course the song writer writes the songs.

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I was surprised when we watched the “making” of a pop superstar, to find out that the artist actually does the least amount of work. The people behind the scenes, writing the songs, making the music video, etc. , are the most important part for the success of the artist. For example, the artist Carly Rae Jepsen was found on youtube. She had the looks and decent singing to be chosen. I also didn’t realize how much of a role autotune took for the artist. The artist we watched in the video sang off pitch, and they were able to instantly correct it.

In fact, they are even able to use the software when they are performing on stage. Another thing that surprised me was Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail” theory in reference to music artists. As shown in the graph below, the “long tail” consists of all the niche artists (artists with a smaller audience), and the beginning of the graph would be all the “hitch” artists, or usual artists we hear on the radio. It is said that there are more people buying niche artist’s music than the hitch. Therefore the niche artists, like you or me, would have smaller audiences due to our spread out tastes.

Music and Culture Music reflects culture. Music changes culture. Tell me how. Talk about both affirmation and negation. Include music from both the US and abroad. Use very specific examples (songs, artists). Music has influenced our culture for decades and still continues to shape and influence our youth. Through this

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we learn the value of a song. As humans have progressed, so has music. It’s amazing how influenced by music we are. When looking at music reflecting our current culture, we can look are Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Good Time” or Kanye West’s song “Clique”. Good Time” appeals to the younger crowd and talks all about having fun. When we look at how music has changed our culture, we can look at many pro and anti-war songs. For example the song “21 Guns” by Green Day, which talks about the 21 gun salute, performed when a soldier dies in war. As for music abroad, we can look at throat singing. Throat singing has no lyrics, and uses nature as instruments. This can help create a bond between music and nature. Music and Gender In our music and gender unit, we talked about the portrayal of women in hip hop and rap.

We also studied the history and use of the word “bitch” in American popular music. Tell me what you learned during this unit. Where did these stereotypes originate? What surprised you? Use specific examples. Throughout the music and gender unit, I learned a lot about the portrayal of women in hip hop and rap music. In most rap music we hear today, for example Kanye West’s music, women are demoralized with the word bitch. In most hip hop and rap videos, we see women there for their looks, and are talked about like that’s all they’re good for.

Eventually women used the word “bitch” in their music as well to redefine the meaning and make it more empowering. Some artists would describe themselves as “fly”. For example, Salt N’ Pepa, despite of how they were thought of, dressed sexy anyways. They showed us that they can still dress to look sexy and be confident, without being considered a bitch. Around the same time, there was the group TLC who also empowered women. Both TLC and Salt N’ Pepa made songs about safe sex and being powerful women. Yet TLC had a different approach with their image.

They wore more baggy clothes, so that their younger fans could dress like them and feel confident too. Throughout the years there has been many songs made by female artists to redefine the word bitch. For example, Queen Latifah’s song “U. N. I. T. Y. ” and Meredith Brooks’ song “Bitch” . Music and War During this unit, we looked some of the ways in which music was used in World War II. What were they? We also addressed the debate about Wagner. What are some of the arguments on both sides of this debate?

During the music and war unit we learned a lot about how music was used in World War II. A lot of the music during that time was censored and a lot of it was propaganda. They censored a lot of Jewish and black music, most of which was jazz. They also censored anything involving freedom and freewill. They created Charlie and his Band at the time to change the meaning of popular songs. They would keep the first line of each popular song to catch people’s attention and completely change the meaning. During this time, they created a museum specifically to showcase censored music.

This wasn’t the best idea at the time because people were able to see how good jazz music was. If they hadn’t showcased it, people wouldn’t have ever known it existed. Also during World War II, Hitler’s favorite composer was Wagner. It was said that his music was anti-Semitic, although there is no record of Wagner expressing any particular anti-Semitic sentiment. He was a very controversial figure in his lifetime, and still is today. Even today many people associate Wagner with Nazism and associate his operas with German nationalism.

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