Music Appreciation Unit review

3 March 2018

It was a popular theme because many people could relate it to their lives and their situation. 3) Disco had “soaring” vocals and a beat that made you want to dance- Rhythm often emphasized. It didn’t play a tempo to fast nor slow (between 100-130 BPML) and was made in the 1 ass’s. 4) The British Invasion is when British boy bands and their music started to become very popular in the United States of America. The Beetles were a large impact in this movement. They mixed many different kinds of music getter which then caused others to do as well.

The Beetles also sang about social issues while still incorporating catchy lyrics and rhythm. 5) A boy band usually consist of 3-6 younger male singers and they rarely use instruments. They also perform highly choreographed dance routines. And they all have their classifications Critical Thinking Questions: 1) Yes I believe music is still used as a form of protest. There are still many songs where the sole purpose of lyrical is to protest some social issue. For example the band Knickknack sings many songs about coming together to help everyone.Like in their song “When We Stand Together, a lyric that pops out is “when we could feed a starving world with what we throw away.

Music Appreciation Unit review Essay Example

But all we serve are empty words that always taste the same. ” While many of us know that there less fortunate people out in the world fighting to feed themselves, some take for granted that they have dinner every night. And Knickknack tried to write this song that confronted the issue that we all have o look out for one another.And there are plenty of other bands/singers that confront social and political issues. 2) Yes I believe music has become really commercialism today. Many artists are just singing for the money. Or there are some that just want to do it in order to be popular and gain their five seconds of fame.

You can see this in their attitudes- caring more about the outfit they’re wearing or the car they get to show off instead of setting time aside to actually interact with their fans.

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