Music in My Life

5 May 2017

Music is important and a love in my life. If I could I would listen to music everywhere. I like to listen to different music and try and appreciate it for what it is, even the songs with screaming instead of singing or relaxing yoga kind of music my mom likes. I have a friend who likes all the screaming bands along with Beyonce and Mariah Carey, he told me ‘l like good music, so any music good for its genre, I love. ‘ I found out a few days later that he plays classical guitar. He never tells anyone, I told him that was so cool and I meant it.

IVe never heard of classical guitar, but obviously ecause people who play are embarrassed and hide it which is sad really that people feel they need to like and play what everybody else does. A lot of people my age use music to create their identity. But then music becomes a way to put people into ‘clicks’. A lot of people try going with the majority and blending in by listening to charts, although I do listen to some music in charts I think people often will listen to anything Just because it is in a list and told its good.

Music in My Life Essay Example

People should try to listen to something other than what their told to by charts and lists. Even if omething sounds Just like noise try to appreciate it. My great aunt says the music these days is awful there’s no tune Just beats but I think if she listened there is a tune beneath the loud beats. Music can really affect your mood. If I’m ever upset or angry about something I will always put my earphones in nice and loud to drain everything out.

I take out my emotion by putting the best loudest song on and instead of thinking about why I’m upset I hear the words of the song and say them in my head. Music helps me calm down, relax and realise everything is fine. If my mom wants to set a relaxing mood to ead a book or while driving one of the things she will always do is pick a suitable song. In a movie the music editor is very important to create suspense atmosphere or create the setting in a scene. Without music the movie would be boring and tiring to watch.

I think music can affect the way or how fast/slow I do something. I always listen to my I-pod if I’m walking on my own, I pick a fast song if I’m in a rush and I find that my steps match the beat of the song. If I turn off the music I’m wondering why I’m power walking. When I’m in bed and can’t sleep I think picking a calming song helps a lot. Although teachers and parents will always disagree with music and homework together I find it helps if I keep getting very bored and distracted while doing a part of my homework.

I don’t get bored because I’m mixing something I like and something I don’t together and I don’t get distracted by the millions of thoughts in my head because the only sound is music. If I start thinking about the song I change the song and continue with my homework. Music in a way creates dance, different music creates a different dance. My sister is extremely into dance. Since she was a toddler if a song came on she would be up and amily friend who would get up and try to teach her to salsa, when she got older mom put her in ballet classes then Irish dancing, hip-hop and a stage school.

She did the hip-hop for the shortest amount of time, she still does ballet and the stage school. Although she didn’t do hip-hop for long anytime a chart song comes on she does a kind of break dancing/ street dance that she makes up her self, but she also owns a CD with the nutcracker music by Tchaikovsky which she will put on and imitate the nutcracker dances. I love music because it never becomes boring as there will always be a new song somewhere.

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