Music in my life

6 June 2016

Do you have anything that you can´t live without? Something that compliments your life. Something that is an important part of your life, and you would never want to lose it. That´s music for me. Such an important part of my soul that has the ability to create sense of purpose and belonging where other activities failed to do so. Music has absolutely been an enormous part of my life, and also who I am. I started ballet when I was two years old, at that moment it was something that my mom wanted me to do.

Over the years I turned four years old, at that time when everyone told you -¨You´re a big girl¨-, so my mom decided to take me to the Teatro Nacional to see the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional. The night of the concert I was wearing a such a cute little pink dress with a bow in the back, white shoes, and curly hair, and just like a normal child I felt that I was the most beautiful princess in the world. At the beginning the concert was kind of boring, but then they started to perform the 1812 Overture of Tchaikovsky, and it was the most magical moment in my life -I could feel the passion in the musicians. At the end of the concert, like a ¨Big Girl¨ I told my mom I was going to quit ballet, and start studying music, but the deal was that I could study music if I kept at ballet.

Music in my life Essay Example

I began taking music lessons at the age of four – two year of music theory -, and at the age of six I was allowed to choose an instrument. My mom wanted me to pick out violin, but I remembered that quartet of cellos, the one I saw at the concert two years ago, so I chose cello. Since my first cello lessons it wasn’t easy, I had to coordinate my brain with my hands, with my emotions, with my whole body, you have to think in a thousand of things at the same time. Many times I wanted to quit just to forget it and do nothing, just to be a normal student. One day my teacher told me that music was in my blood, so I worked hard every single day, and I still do, to improve on what I love more.

Nowadays I can´t live a single day without playing my instrument or without listening an extraordinary symphony, because I don´t feel complete. When I walk in the rehearsal room I see all the people, the instruments and the sounds of music, it´s just mind blowing. The strong, steady beats, the entrancing melodies, and the lyrics that vary between heart-warming and heart wrenching have and have always had an unexplainable affect on my life.

Music seems to have the ability to change my world. Without Music, I have no idea where I would be at this stage in my existence. It´s crazy to imagine a life without the incredible creative outlet that is music. No matter what kind of music it is, my mood morphs easily into whatever kind of music I am listening to or performing to. For that reason I can say that music changed my life. To think, it all began with watching the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional, performing the 1812 Overture of Tchaikovsky, when I was four years old.

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