Music in My Life

3 March 2018

Music is very important n my life when I’m at home, on the road or when I prepare for something important and I need concentrate. Personally, I really like jazz music of its musical rhythms and bunch Of different type Of musical instruments. When do my homework for the college I usually turn on my stereo system on less volume and listening Luis Armstrong or Frank Sinatra. Its help me concentrate and go to the point what I have to do. After that I’m going cook some food and tune the radio to the Europe style station.

This type of music makes me feel happy and always cook very delicious food. I’m not really good singer, but when I’m along at home, and I hear my favorite song on the radio, I sing, I hope so it’s not too bad. When I’m on the road I prefer listen to old classic rock, it’s get me energy, and I always feel better. I can drive all day if needed when my stereo playing Eagles or Dire Straits. My favorite songs are Hotel California by Eagles and Money for Nothing by Dire Straits. Usually listenMoney for Nothing very loud, and sing together with Mark Ennobler, who is singer of this song. This is awesome song ever by Dire Straits! I love old classic rock and it gets me lots of good emotions when listen it.

Music in My Life Essay Example

If I have very important meeting with somebody or I have interview for a job before I listening a classical or an instrumental music. Usually sit down to the comfortable chair, then turn on my stereo system, put CD disc with Mozart Sonatas and listen it. It helps me relax and concentrate about meeting. Aging about how my meeting will looks like and what I will say about my points. Later, on my meeting always try to say what want to say, what I think about it and I always confident MUSIC is important in my life because it gives me something to look forward everyday. Can’t imagine my life without music. I think without music life would be pointless and less joy.

Music puts the life and excitement into the world. Music is a part of my everyday life.

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