Music is Food for Soul

Most of the people, if not all, associate rock music to loud, crazy music but they’re absolutely wrong. There’s not only one category of Rock. We can find a vast variety of rock subtypes songs. A simple acoustic guitar can make a Rock song. How on earth is that noisy? Dance music makes me feel alive. It lifts my mood when I am down.

The fast rhythm of the song makes my head nod up and down and my feet stomp all around the place. Dance music makes me happier even if I’m already happy, and maybe even makes me want to get up and dance no tater where I am or who is watching. Live that there has always been a visual aspect to music. It is natural that the performers will dress in a way considered appropriate by the viewers and that outfit would impress the fans. But the style that the performers adopt to attract the crowds mind cues their appearances and maybe their way of life. This phenomenon mainly affects the teenagers, but I think that they are mainly influenced by TV shows and movies because an album or a video clip cannot change the way you speak and dress that much.Although some people are deeply influenced by the image, others just listen to the music for pleasure and they dress and behave how they like no matter what music they listen to.

I’m in that idea too. Don’t feel that should wear chocker nails or paint my eyes and nails black and wear exclusively dark clothes because I only like rock music. Music is important for every human being because every song that exists can express the way people feel or think. Music can create feelings, images and can be combined with memories. Music is food for soul. No food, no life.

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