Music Is More Than Entertainment

3 March 2018

For example Retreat Franklins “Respect” was a big impact for the civil rights movement along with James Brown and Ray Charles. Other artist talked about government and creating changes within our community such as Public Enemy and Tuba. With the power of music hip hop, country, gospel, and other forms, number Of individuals relate and break ethnic barriers. All cultures can come together and sing and dance as one whole forget about poverty, troubles in the home and workplace, financial situations, and overspent laws and policies.Music effects emotions and allows people to share a message.

Some messages pertaining to gay rights, domestic violence, women empowerment, and differences among race and cultures. Although some artist do not talk about cultural events in their music they are still yet inspirational to others. Singer, Philanthropist Alicia Keys not only sings with her piano but also is the co-founder of Keep A Child Alive, a non-profit organization to provides medicine to families with HIVE and AIDS.

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