Music Is My Life

3 March 2018

Name Class name Date Music has an influence on our lives each and every day. We listen to music day in and day out and sometimes just listening to the right song at the right time can actually make a difference. Grew up in a very musical environment, and every time when I would feel down or not myself music tend to reel me back in to reality.

Not all people are into music but if you’re like me music affects your life in a serious manner. Music tends to get me through everything go through in life. There are different genres of music out there pop, country, hip-hop, contemporary Christian etc. D each and every tune and songs that has been established, conveyed a certain deep important meaning in its lyrics. When life tends to knock me down music has a way of uplifting and encouraging myself to try harder and never give up.Sometimes I’ll rive to a status in my life where I’ll feel stuck and don’t know what I’m capable of, music pulls me through it. Ifs that soothing sound and that inspirational lyric that helps me realize who and what I am and where I should be standing through the midst of changes.

Music Is My Life Essay Example

Just as some people have something to be of meaning in their lives have music to fall into. Music is my life and soul. The beat of the music awakens my heart, the rhythm or the note in a song enables my mind to connect to my heart and it leads me to where Ewe always wanted to go.Although I am pretty much an amateur in writing ND conducting music I am able to connect to the world and those around me whenever I hear that one perfect song that can raise my spirit to a full velocity. Music can either inspire me or it can sometimes remind me of something or someone but overall music is my second best rock. Though I have families and friends that help me face the world without music I’m sure I would not have been able to communicate and understand the world as I should have been. With music it helps me deliver and express what I feel out in the open without keeping it inside all bottled up.

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