Music Is My Life

4 April 2019

Bandie. That sums me up completely. In grade school, I would go to parades, just to see the bands. I would cheer and yell, and some of the band members would smile as they went by. Others took their marching seriously and never smiled, but I knew that they were happy to have some people cheering them on. During my fifth grade year in middle school, I bought my own instrument: my now beaten up, silver flute. From that day on I was a music freak. From my iPod, to my guitar, I have been playing music or singing it. Music has changed my life completely
During my four years of middle school, I had to march in eight parades, and got to know what it feels like to have people cheer me on, no matter how bad we sounded. As I grew older and moved up to high school, I had to go to what we call band camp. Band camp is a week long process of learning, and marching an entire half-time field show. It’s usually three to four songs long with lots of movement. When I joined band, in freshman year, I never knew how drastically it could change my life.
After my first year of band camp, I became more active, and I lost weight, which was my biggest issue, and is still a constant battle. Music changed that for me. Music gave me the energy and motivation to get involved with other sports. It helped me realize that I could have a better and healthier lifestyle. Music made me start dancing, without caring who was watching.
Before I started high school, I was shy, quiet, and unnoticed. When I joined band in high school, I changed. I became a better, more outgoing person. I got more involved with school, sports, and I even met guys, and started to date. I met so many people at the parades we would march in high school. The colleges we’d visit, and the college bandies we would meet. It was so new to me, and so exciting back then, that I never wanted to stop, and I haven’t yet. Music is the one thing in my life that makes sense and is a huge part of my life. Music is, and always will be my life, my soul, my greatest achievement, and my passion.

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