Music Styles – Comparative Essay

3 March 2018

The first piece of work have chosen to discuss is Symphony No 40 in G minor (1st Movement) by the well-known composer Mozart. The second piece of music I have chosen is Symphony No. 5 in C minor (1 SST Movement) again by the well-known composer Beethoven. Chose these two pieces of music as all throughout high school during music class, these where consistently the two most brought up names. I now believed this would be my chance to discover why these where such popular Ames and why they are regarded as two of the best-known composers.The first artist/composer is Johann Chromosome Wolfgang, who is better known as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but around the world he just known as Mozart.

Mozart is such a ‘famous’ composer as throughout the classical era (1750-1820) – although he may not have been recognized at the time – he was a creative and influential composer. Not many could argue that a man who composed over six hundred works was not influential. Also many of those six endured works were acknowledged as the peak of symphonic, concentrate, chamber, piano, operatic, and choral music.You can now start to see why he was such a significant composer. The second artist/composer is Ludwig van Beethoven, otherwise referred to as simply Beethoven. Beethoven was considered a German composer and pianist. Similarly to Mozart he began his musical career in the classical era (1750-1820) but differently to Mozart he was a crucial figure within the transitional stage between the Classical and Romantic eras in western classical music.

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