Music; the Melody of My Life

3 March 2018

That way we can all sing together. Singing releases my anger, my hurt, and my sadness and filters me.

Music takes me to my own world and I always have a song in my head. Music has had a huge influence on my life and it will continue to influence the things do and the decisions make. Disney movies and their songs really took a hold of me. Can’t remember one time in life that didn’t like them. For a couple of my birthdays, my parents got me ‘Disney’s Greatest’ soundtracks. I took out the book of lyrics out and memorized their songs, even though I hardly needed to.We have a died of me singing ‘Provincial Life’ from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

I sing through the whole thing and do everything Belle does in the movie. My dream has always been to be in a musical and be the star of a musical, although I’ve never been the star off musical let alone been in a play. What inspired me to want to do plays were Disney movies because I had so much fun just watching them and singing along to all their songs. Could still sing them all the way through and sing them loud and proud. Could really hold a note and the bigger I’m getting, the longer I am learning to hold them.I’ve tried out for about four plays and I didn’t get into any of them. I’m starting to think that they are just not for me.

I’m too scared to sing in front of people; plus I know being in plays take a lot of your time and commitment from seeing my friends when they were in plays. I realize now that when I’m ready to do a play, will learn to speak up and get what want, but truly right now I don’t believe I could do it. I’m known for singing everywhere I go anyways. Don’t try to sing well when I’m with people but they all say I have a pretty voice when I belt it out.I don’t try to belt it out unless I’m actually in the mood and need to think because singing helps me think. There are some songs that I still can’t even listen to today because I’ve listened to them so many times, but Disney songs are the only songs that couldn’t get old. My favorite song right now is “Just a Dream” by Newly.

I could listen to it all day. It speaks to me. It’s just one of those songs. Don’t think could get sick of it, but that’s what say every time have a favorite song. I think the songs that like the most are the ones that can relate to the most, t least at the time that they were my favorite.Listening to old songs that I really liked before brings me back to when they were my favorite songs and why listened to them so much because they really spoke to my current situation. They also probably sound real cool because I have a good taste in music.

Once middle school started got into that stage where I thought I was so bad. I got into screams music, rock, and death metal type stuff. As you would imagine, most of those songs have hidden meanings and it’s very depressing. That music was a huge influence on why got depressed at the end of 7th read.It didn’t last very long because as soon as I realized was scared of my thoughts, I asked my mom for a counselor. My first counselor was in Buffalo. I forgot her name, but it was something like Andy or Mindy.

She was a tall lady and very friendly. She seemed to stay real and straight forward with her thoughts on things and that is why she was my favorite counselor. While I was still going there went to a doctor in SST. Michael to get tested for anxiety/depression. The doctor I got was named April. She had medium length black hair.It was Very dry, kind of ratty, and always straight.

She talked a lot and seemed like a people person because I liked her and she was funny. She didn’t just talk about doctor things; she would gossip about some of her other patients or talk about her husband. I had to fill out questions on a sheet of paper like a quiz. The number of points got determined if I were depressed or not. She said it depended on the day but my score was determinable low. They put me on depression/anxiety pills called Wellbeing. A couple weeks went by.

A month went by. Two months. The pills seemed to be working. Was positive about everything and so happy every morning. I tint care what people thought. I was wearing crazy clothes and doing crazy things. Eighth grade was quickly becoming my favorite year.

I took the pills for about eight or nine months. Then started forgetting to take them and just decided I didn’t need them. Many events happened between the ending of eighth grade and to the beginning of ninth. Decided wanted to go back on them, thinking they would help everything.Of course they helped, but I also had to learn how to go through things on my own and not to pout over stupid things. Thinking back, my music had a big part in why I needed those pills cause when I got rid of my negative CDC, it helped a lot knowing that those huge influences weren’t upon me anymore and that I was gradually finding more positive songs that related to and needed. In the summer going into ninth grade, I went to church camp for my first time.

I got invited by my friend Christie who’d been going her whole life. This had a big impact on my life.My favorite part of it was praise and worship. Singing and dancing with everyone woke me up inside. That’s what believe changed my entire direction in life. Met the most darling people there and learned so much more than I expected to. I learned that throughout that whole time period, the world and my music has so much to influence on me but I learned to take my own direction no matter what that means.

After leaving church camp, I was really into Christian rock music. Wasn’t for very long though because something about it just got on my bad side. I almost felt brainwashed.Right about that same time became very close friends with Brenna Marie Satang. She always has been and still is a huge country fan. She was in my first hour Science class with Mr..

Dewey in the first trimester. She was the only one in the class I really knew. Her song for the first couple weeks in that class was ‘Beer on the Table. ‘ wanted to see what was so cracked up about country. So turned up K 102 one day and ended up absolutely loving country. Feel like that’s who I actually am inside, a country girl. Country has meaning and twang.

Breed provided me with my ultimate country experience.It consisted of eight hours driving to Wisconsin, ongoing country music no matter where I go, hicks, and fishing on Lake Michigan. It was honestly one of the best trips of my life. You’d think that eight hours would get boring, but not when you’re inning to country the whole time and singing is your favorite thing to do. So once we showed up at Breeds dad’s friends’ house, we walked in and I automatically felt like I was home. There were about five of them staying there with us. They were all cracking jokes and they all introduced themselves, showed us our rooms and offered us some food.

That whole trip was just friendly talks and chilling, but it was fun because I felt like I was in a place that I should be. Singing gets the filter going and my heart pounds, I can’t contain yourself and all the bad flows out of my mind and all can think to do is to sing. When I’m singing in a group together in perfect harmony and they’re all giving it everything they have because it’s something we all love and want to succeed in performing in and it’s the level that we connect on that makes us feel like one, we call that choir.Choir is what made my freshman year. Every day I looked forward to first hour with Ms. Hickman in Freshman Woman’s Choir. It was a bright start to my day.

First back rubs, then warm ups, then down to business. She’s a good teacher. Once, one of my friends said about her “whether you like her or not, you’re going to learn. Think that’s why the choir is so good, because she pushes us to our limit. I’m almost positive that I’m staying in choir for the rest of my high school career, and it will make my years because still look forward to fifth hour with Ms.Hickman in Belle Voce. Choir has made me realize my passion for singing.

The first concert in Freshman year I will never forget because we didn’t even know it was coming. We ran out with chills still running down our spines literally jumping for joy talking about how amazing we did and how excited we were. Mean if one doesn’t feel just great after the concerts they must not eve to sing because singing their best with everything they have in a group of passionate singers just like them with the same feelings and effort must affect them in some way.Maybe it is just me, but the feeling get when singing is indescribable, especially with the choir kids. I think that’s why all the choir girls are so close, because hue sang together. Have you ever been so excited for something that you feel like you can’t hold it in and the feeling is in your chest and its like a tingly happy feeling and you can’t help but smile and giggle and click your heels together? For me, when singing just any simple Eng or harmony with one or more individual brings that feeling out. All I want is to just keep singing.

Singing is truly my thing and used to think I had no talent because play no real sports. I just loved to watch TV and sit around and eat all day, but thinking about it makes me realize that throughout my days, all day, every day, I’m singing. Random songs will pop in my head and I will catch myself singing them. When I’m home alone is when I really belt them out. If my brother had a nickel for every time he yelled “Jamie, be quiet! ” he’d be a rich boy, but don’t want to be quiet. I want to sing. I always want to sing.

I never Want to Stop singing.

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