Must Be Nice by G-Eazy

Must Be Nice is G-Eazy’s first album released on iTunes. It features other artists like Johanna Fay, Hoodie Allen, Devon Baldwin, Dominique Le Jeune, Mod Sun, and DJ Carnage. G-Eazy, also known as Gerald Earl Gillum, was born and raised in Oakland, California and attended Loyola University in New Orleans where he studied Music Industry Studies. He emphasizes education as part of his new found success in the rapping industry. Also, this allowed him to produce Must Be Nice by himself. In Must Be Nice, G-Eazy discusses the goal of attaining fame and how love can be affected as fame is pursued.Songs that are featured the most in this ten set album are “Lady Killers” (feat. Hoodie Allen), “Marilyn” (feat. Dominique Le Jeune), and “Loaded” (feat. DJ Carnage). These songs all discuss the main message of the album; fame and the influence of love that comes with the fame. This album was released in 2012, and has since gained much popularity. I listened to this album because I have begun to listen to a lot of G-Eazy’s music on YouTube. So, I did some research and listened to this album. Also, many forums on rap music say that G-Eazy is an up and coming rapper, so I also listened to this album to see how good he was.
This album, I believe, is one of the best in the rap/hip-hop genre right now. Although, it is not as famous as albums from Kanye West, Jay-Z, or Eminem, it carries some strong messages and has very nice beats and classy tunes. G-Eazy is one of my favorite rappers because of his originality and I believe it’s what makes him one of the best rappers in the world right now. I already knew G-Eazy was born in Oakland, California and attracts many girls around the world. But I soon learned that he is very driven and very creative. He produces his own songs and does not let too much outside influence affect his songs. I did not expect much because a lot of famous rappers receive help from music labels, so I expected his songs to be very amateur. But I was wrong; his style is very creative and very new. If one is into rap/hip-hop I recommend that he or she listens to G-Eazy.
The best aspects of Must Be Nice are the songs “Marilyn”, “Lady Killers”, and “Mad”. In “Marilyn”, G-Eazy discusses his love for a woman and how perfect their love would be if he was perfect but he messes up the relationship too much because of cheating and his other stupid tendencies. He also mentions, indirectly, that he needs to mature as a person, because he does not mean to hurt her. Dominique Le Jeune is featured in this song and provides a great chorus, which makes the song seem like a conversation. “Lady Killers” features Hoodie Allen; this song describes the “player” like qualities of Hoodie Allen and G-Eazy.They both mention their good looks and fame as attractive qualities, which allow them to “pick” who they would like to have a relationship. Hoodie Allen and G-Eazy rap this song together very together; they make a good team, as they tour together. “Mad” is a very cool song as G-Eazy uses a mid-twentieth century Doo Wop rhythm. He uses another female vocal for the chorus, Devon Baldwin. This song describes the desire for one another after love at first sight. The lyrics, rhythms, and beats are all extraordinary and original. The music quality is spectacular and the songs are easy to hear unlike much rap. This album is high quality and shows a lot of class for a hip-hop/rap album.
I only have one criticism for this album and it is that I want more. Every song on this album is good and I could listen to each song for multiple hours in a row. Ten songs in an album is very small, and I would like to hear a G-Eazy album with more than fifteen songs. To reiterate it again, every song on this album is creative and different from much rap, so it is very refreshing to listen to all the songs.
This album did not win many awards because it was G-Eazy’s first album and he was relatively unknown. I think if listeners of rap music began to listen to G-Eazy more the album would have gained a lot more recognition. Everyone above the age of thirteen should listen to this album even if you are not a rap fan; it is very creative and is easy to hear all the lyrics. It is the type of music that does not require a generational gap or a preference in genre. Anyone with respect to creativity will love this album. One can learn more about this album on iTunes and other, various music sharing websites. To learn more about G-Eazy refer to Wikipedia and his website

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