My Autobiography

3 March 2017

I was born September tenth nineteen ninety two in Montgomery Alabama. My mom, Dr. Benita Cahalane is the Special Education coordinator for Chilton County. My dad, Rick Cahalane is a football coach, and History teacher at Stanhope Elmore. My parents were told that they were never going to be able to have children after my mom’s fifth miscarriage. After praying for seven years, I was born. I was, and still am considered a miracle. My childhood was normal. When I was three, my mom was offered a job as a professor, at Mississippi State University. So, we moved to Starkville, Mississippi.

I attended elementary school there, and started taking ballet. The ballet teacher, was one of my of my mom’s students at Mississippi State. I took ballet, for a total of one whole day, and quickly got kicked out of the class. My mom received a phone call from her student, saying that I would not join the group. I wanted to do my own dance in the corner. That would not be the last time I chose to do my own dance. When I was in third grade, my mom told me my Poppy had cancer, and that my Grammy was having trouble keeping up with the house with him being so sick. After that, we picked up, and moved back to Alabama to live with my Grammy.

My Autobiography Essay Example

I then, started school at Clanton Intermediate School. I made tons of new friends, and enjoyed being apart of the Gifted Program there. Before I started the eighth grade, I transferred schools again. This time, I transferred to Marbury High School. My mom and most of my family graduated from there. My Grammy, was the secretary there for thirty years, and my Poppy, was the Agriculture teacher there for forty years. My first year, I ran for Student Government and won! I represented my whole grade for the year. As the representative for my grade, I voiced the changes that they wanted to see happen.

I made lots of new friends at my new school, and enjoyed going to football games. I was the water girl for the Marbury High School football team for two years. It was so much fun being a part of the team. My ninth and tenth grade years at Marbury were great! I made good grades, and had great friends. My tenth year, I started dating my boyfriend at the time Shane Sneed. It was a very unhealthy relationship that leaded me to using drugs. After we broke up, I started to use drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and pills. My eleventh grade year, I got worse on drugs. Halfway through my junior year, I got expelled from Marbury High School.

I got expelled, for having drugs on school property, like cocaine, marijuana, and other contraband. After I got expelled, my parents were now fully aware of my horrible drug problem. They sent me to a drug rehab, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, called Narconon. I was there for a total of six months, working my way through the program. I really wanted to be sober, and make my parents proud of me. So, I worked really hard on the program, trying to make sure when I left that I would stay sober. I learned so much, like how to not let others influence my behavior, and actions. After I finished the program, I was truly happy, and sober again.

I was ready to get my life back on track. I missed so much of school, while I was in rehab that I decided to drop out of high school. I took the test for my General Education Diploma. I did so well on the test my very first time, that the General Education Diploma Program paid for two of my classes I took at Jeff State last year. So, I started college a year earlier than I would have if I had not dropped out. I made straight A’s last year and intend to continue making good grades this year. I am majoring in Psychology, and I am very excited about my bright and exciting future.

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